DIY: Hand Embroidered T-shirt

Hey my beautiful ladies, your Fashion Diva is always here to inspire you and to show you the newest fashion trends. My post for today is called “DIY: Hand Embroidered T-shirt”. Are you excited? If you want to follow the fashion trends and if you want to be stylish always, you should have a lot of money!? That’s not so true! You don’t need a fortune to make a simple, but still beautiful combination. Plus, there are million of tutorials that can help you to make a wonderful transformations of your old blouses, sweaters, boots etc. Why spending money on new things, when you can make the same one at your home.

Mostly what you will only need to achieve the tutorials are old stuff, sequin, studs, glitter and glue. And you won’t spend more then 10 dollars for sure. If you are creative and you want to make your own stuff at home, check out the tutorial below and inspire yourself. You will need only white tee and threads in different colors. If you don’t like those on the picture, you can change them. Enjoy and have fun!
Hand Embroidered T-shirt1

Tutorial here.

I hope that you have found the tutorial interesting and useful. If you have liked it, start improving your diy skills and techniques. You may find it difficult, but it isn’t. I love the flowers and it reminds me to the traditional patterns. Make your own blouse and go out with style. If you have some other interesting ideas, please share them with me, because I would love to see them. Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up to date with the contents of Fashion Diva Design!