Creating a cosy and comfortable master bedroom

Beige Wooden Nightstand With White Desk Lamp; Brown Wooden Bed With Grey Comforter Set

Your bedroom is your own personal haven of peace and quiet. After a hectic day at work, your bedroom should act as a restful retreat with minimal distractions and noise to allow you to rest and rejuvenate. If you’re struggling with decor ideas, we’ve got you covered with the best tips for creating a master bedroom that’s both cosy and comfortable…

Minimise clutter in the room

A tidy room creates a tidy mind and mountains of books and paperwork won’t create a relaxing environment, instead, they’ll create chaos in your mind. Look into space saving hacks that will allow you to enjoy a clutter-free bedroom. Divan style beds from Divan Beds Centre are ideal for secretly stashing away your belongings in the under-bed storage system. Out of sight out of mind…

Choose a peaceful colour scheme

To create a serene environment, you need to select your colour scheme wisely. A neutral colour palette with pops of colour is ideal if you want to create a headache-free environment that’s also chic and stylish. While jewel tones can look fantastic, it’s likely you will get sick of turquoise and purple after not too long. Stick to white, grey, and oatmeal shades and introduce accents of pink or pale green with accessories such as vases, artwork and lamps. 

Introduce a large floor rug

If you have a wooden style floor in the bedroom, then you may want to consider introducing a large rug for a cosy and homely feel. Berber style rugs are a popular option, or you may want to consider a vintage-style tapestry rug. You could play around with trends and go for the layered rug look which is popular right now. Not only will a big rug create a warm environment, they’ll also offer your feet relief from the cold floor during the harsh winter months!  

Bring the outside in

If you’re sticking with a neutral colour palette, then you may want to consider adding a splash of colour with the help of a few house plants. Not only do indoor plants look fantastic, they bring a room to life and offer a number of health benefits too! If you’re new to plant parenthood, then you may want to start with a maintenance-free cactus to begin with. Ivy plants and Monstera’s are also great additions to any home, offering a contemporary yet cosy environment. 

Add different textures

In order to achieve ultimate cosiness, you need to play around with different textures. Linen bedding is a great option and gives a rustic ‘lived in’ look, team this with a faux fur cushion or two and chunky knit throw for extra cosy points. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, as long as the accessories all follow a similar colour scheme it won’t look messy. 

Light up your life

Warm lighting is always guaranteed to create a beautiful, cosy living space. Bring this into the bedroom with a small string of fairy lights over the headboard or on a shelf. These aren’t just for children’s rooms! If, however, you can’t bring yourself to relive your teenage bedroom years, you could look to add a globe light or perhaps a jar of fairy lights on the window sill. Scented candles are also a cosy must have!