5 Reasons You Should Choose Lab-Grown Diamonds

The negative effects of diamond mining on not only our beautiful planet but also on local communities, definitely outweigh their beauty, so lab-grown diamonds are the way to go, and you’ll feel great about choosing them. 

For decades, we as consumers have been buying into the ‘diamond is forever’ tagline, spending thousands of dollars on what is really just a glorified rock. Little do many of us know about the negative and extremely detrimental effects that diamond mining has on the world. With the introduction of lab-grown diamonds, we have more options for less expensive, conflict-free alternatives. Take a look below at 5 reasons why you should choose lab-grown diamond jewelry over earth-mined diamonds. It’s time to make the switch! 

1. Lab-grown diamonds are guaranteed conflict-free. 

When you shop at a lab-grown diamond jeweler such as MiaDonna, you are guaranteed a conflict-free diamond. This means the environment and society were not harmed or affected by the creation. MiaDonna defines a conflict diamond as, “any diamond that is unsustainable, thereby contributing to a negative impact on the environment, society and/or economy.” By choosing a conflict-free diamond, you know that your purchase didn’t add to any existing negative effects that the diamond mining industry has created. 

2. Lab-grown diamonds tend to be less expensive than earth-mined diamonds. 

Even when locals are mining for these diamonds in their own community, it’s very rare that they get compensated properly for their work. The supply chain for earth-mined diamonds is extremely long, and often, you’re not able to trace a stone back to the original place of origin. With lab-grown diamonds, the suppliers and gemologists can 100% confirm the origin of that diamond. Because of the shorter supply chain, the costs are cut. It’s shown that lab-grown diamonds can cost up to 40% less than their earth-mined diamond equivalents. If you get a higher carat lab-grown diamond for a lower cost, why wouldn’t you choose them? 

“Does this make me look engaged?” Photo Credit: Jose Martinez on Unsplash 

3. You can get the exact same quality from lab-grown diamonds that you get from earth-mined diamonds. 

The grading scale used to grade lab-grown diamonds is the same as they use to grade earth-mined diamonds! When you purchase a lab-grown diamond, you should receive a diamond grading report from either the IGI or GCal. Every lab-created diamond, just like every earth-mined diamond, is graded on its 4 C’s (color, cut, clarity, and color). The grading report you receive with your purchase will show all measurements, proportions, finish, and identifications of the diamond graded. The quality is comparable between the two diamond types, and the grading is the same. The only differences really, are price and the environmental/humanitarian effects. 

4. Lab-grown diamonds impact the environment significantly less than earth-mined diamonds. 

According to the 2014 Environmental Impact Assessment by Frost and Sullivan, the usage of water when creating lab-grown diamonds is 7x less than the usage for excavating earth-mined diamonds from the ground; 70 liters per carat for lab-grown versus 480 liters per carat for earth-mined diamonds. Additionally, when it comes to air pollution, lab-grown diamonds produce 0.028 grams of carbon emissions per carat, whereas earth-mined diamonds produce 37,000 grams per carat. These facts alone can show the difference of choosing lab-grown diamonds over earth-mined. Of course, there are still minor environmental effects when producing anything, but the numbers are much smaller here when you compare side by side. 

Photo Credit: Shane and Johnny McLendon on Unsplash

5. At many lab-grown diamond companies, your purchase helps give back to others. 

When you shop at somewhere like MiaDonna, a percentage of your purchase will be used to help give back to diamond mining communities across the world. MiaDonna’s charity foundation, The Greener Diamond, works in countries such as Sierra Leone, Togo, and Liberia to provide locals with alternative career paths besides diamond mining. They create sustainable projects and initiatives that work to rebuild those areas disrupted by diamond mining, and your purchase won’t just be for the beauty you wear and show off, but it helps in giving back to communities and our beautiful planet, too. When it comes down to it, doing your research on where you’re getting any jewelry, fashion or home goods from, can really surprise you. You may not know what’s going on behind closed doors of the diamond mining industry, and with all of the recent growth and progress of the lab-grown diamond industry, you should be in good hands.