Converting Your Bedroom From Winter to Summer Mode

Now that spring is in the air, it’s time to revive your bedroom! No longer a place for watching Netflix in bed, your room is now a launch pad for your summer antics. It’s a well-known fact that we all spend more time at home in winter and perhaps more time in bed too. When spring comes around, we’re all very ready to shift everything outdoors and perhaps some of you have even begun to plan your chic dress trends already.

With the weather improving, your local beach, park, riverside or square becomes your hangout spot, and your home simply becomes your base once again. What we do need from our home is a bright, clean space that still feels comfortable in the hot summer months. So, out with the winter parkas and in with the summer throws. Here are some of our top tips for embracing that summer vibe in your bedroom.

Change your bedding

Your bedding should change along with the seasons – even just twice a year makes all the difference. Switch your duvet over to the lighter option, or if you don’t have one, perhaps try a sheet with a throw. Your temperature while sleeping is crucial in ensuring the quality of your sleep – it’s advisable to keep your room slightly cool. If in need of a new mattress, perhaps look for one that has a breathable cooling layer, like this one from Eve, as a comfy bed and a good night’s sleep is essential in the warmer seasons. You can also read these reviews about the mattress if you’d like more info.

Switch your wardrobe

Most of us face the common dilemma of not having enough shelving or wardrobe space in the bedroom for our clothes. Our solution to this is usually to divide the clothes according to the winter or summer season and store away the disused selection. With this in mind, unearth your summer wardrobe, give it a wash, and then store away your wool jumpers, polo necks, thermal wear and heavy coats. Usually, zip-fastened material storage containers are the best option for this and protect your clothes from dust and possibly even moths.

Revive your plants

Sometimes at the end of a long winter, your plant collection may be looking a bit worse for wear. The best choice for indoor plants is usually those that require little sunlight and less maintenance. Perhaps after being in your stagnant bedroom for a while, your indoor houseplant has developed mildew on the soil or has been under or overwatered. In any case, a good annual ritual to ensure your plant is ready for spring is to re-pot it in a new batch of fresh soil.

The classic spring clean

To avoid your room looking dusty and unappealing once the sun has returned, a proper cleaning is always a good idea. Wash all your bedding, dust down the bookshelves, clean the floor properly – including all those areas you’ve been avoiding for the winter months – and hang your rugs out the window. If you’re stuck for cleaning inspiration, or struggling to find the most efficient way to do this, there are here is a good guide to help.