Common Mistakes To Avoid That Most Perfume Lovers Do

Perfumes often become a part of your identity and signature fashion statement. Especially when you wear a perfume that smells like the original Tom Ford black orchid, you set a benchmark for your taste. 

When you have a bottle of premium perfume, you should know how to wear it right. Avoid the common mistakes listed below to wear your perfume the right way and for a long time.   

Rubbing The Perfume Of Clothes Or Skin

Many people consider spraying a little bit of the perfume on the wrist and rubbing it thoroughly to be a perfume-wearing ritual. Contrary to the common belief that rubbing makes the fragrance stay longer; it takes the crispness of the smell away. 

The best way to wear your perfume remains by spraying it from some distance on your clothes. When you rub the skin, the region gets heated due to frictional force and natural body enzymes begin to work. Enzymes often nullify the middle and top notes of perfume making it smell a lot different than its original version.  

Additionally, with vehement rubbing, the scented liquid dries up quickly and the fragrance fades away easily. There is no amount of fact-checked reality behind the rubbing theory. If you have any doubts about how to apply perfume, simply stay away from rubbing it. 

Not Storing In The Right Environment

Perfumes do not run dry within days when you invest in a premium perfume; you intend to wear it for a long time. Given that perfumes feature several natural or synthetic ingredients in them, you need to be careful about their storage.  

Much like wines, perfumes, too, can go bad if not stored in the right environment. For instance, if you leave your bottle of perfume in a place where sun rays fall directly every day, the perfume may lose its characteristic subtle fragrance within a few days. 

Similarly, taking the perfume bottle from cold places to hot places randomly can impact their composition. Many perfume lovers store their favorite scents inside the refrigerator and it is simply an excellent idea. 

If you have a refrigerator at home that can accommodate the bottle of your favorite premium fragrance, place it there and use it as long as you wish to. 

Buying Larger Bottles

Learning about the best ways to buy perfume is as critical as learning about trendy eye makeup ideas. Your entire makeover remains a combination of all that you wear – right from your clothes, jewelry, and makeup, to the fragrance. 

Even when you keep the perfume bottles in the right environment, they might lose their signature punch after a while. This happens when you buy a big bottle and allow the oxygen of the half-used bottle to interact with the rest of the perfume liquid. 

Oxygen reacts with the liquid and the notes change. Therefore, try to buy small bottles of perfume to keep the fragrance quality unaltered for a long time. 

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