Can Warm Winter Clothing Still Look Fashionable

When it comes to fashion, you really don’t have to choose between comfort and style if you go about things the right way. During the colder months, there are plenty of ways you can stay warm and comfortable while still enjoying fashion and showcasing your style. You don’t need to hide your cute clothes away under unflattering bulky pieces to keep warm, instead, try out the following five style tips. 

Wear Base Layers

Base layers are fantastic for keeping you warm in winter. Merino wool pieces like the ones on this site are particularly good, they’re thin but trap in body heat and sit against the skin so that you can easily wear your normal clothes over the top. If you’re finding that you’re still cold with trousers, a long sleeve top and a coat on then putting base layers under can resolve the problem without having to pile fussy clothing layers on which can add a lot of bulk or spoil your look. 

Find a Stylish Coat

Warm winter coats don’t have to be ugly, there are plenty that will keep you cozy while still matching with your usual aesthetic. Spend some time browsing through the different options, while it’s great being able to buy so much online these days it could be worth shopping for a coat in person. That way you’ll be able to tell exactly how warm it is, what the padding is like and how it suits your body so you can get the right fit. Since your coat is such an important part of your winter wardrobe it’s something you’ll want to have fitting correctly. 

Wear the Right Footwear

Warm, waterproof footwear will keep your feet warm and dry over the winter meaning the rest of your body will stay warm too. Ditch the canvas pumps, ballet flats and sneakers and go with something studier. Something like a pair of high quality leather boots will last for years so make a great investment, if you size up then you’ll be able to wear thick socks with them and keep your feet even warmer. Having your boots reheeled and repaired when they start to wear will give you the most for your money, which is worthwhile if you’ve spent a decent amount on the boots themselves. 

Accessorise With Cozy Pieces

Finally, accessories will elevate any outfit so combine practicality and style. Add a stylish scarf to bring colour, pattern and texture to an outfit. A hat is a must-have when its cold, and there are tons of options to choose from. You could go sleek with leather gloves, or add a cute twist with ear muffs. If you enjoy creating seasonal capsule wardrobes, your accessories are all the more important as they allow you to style different pieces in different ways. 

The temperature has already dropped and it’s only set to get colder now, so it’s worth thinking about your winter wardrobe. If you want to continue getting the most out of your fashionable clothes and feeling confident and well dressed even with the temperatures plummeting, the above tips will help!

Have you started building your winter wardrobe yet?