Which colours are in for 2015?

Pantone is the authority on what will be the next ‘in’ colour for the coming year and in December, every year, the company announces which colour will dominate everything from runways to homes an furniture. Everyone from fashion designers to interior decorators wait for Pantone to release details on what colours will be hot, so the build up to the colours for 2015 were eagerly awaited.

The three major industries that are dominated by colour are fashion, interior and home design and each hue of an in-trend colour will be explored and used to its best effect in the different sectors.

The Colour of the Year for 2015 has been announced and it will be ‘Marsala’, although there will be other colours which will be seen throughout the year including: aquamarine, classic blue and toasted almond.

Fashion Design

Marsala is expected to be a huge trend on its own in the fashion world this year. Prestige designers have used Marsala and other similar hues for their collections which are bold and luxurious, leaving a striking impression.

Marsala is the new colour of the year and is set to dominate runways – Photo: Fashionisers



Two classic colours which never seem to go out of style, are blue and grey. These colour have featured in Pantones report for the colours of 2015. Louis Vuitton used the colour grey for design patterns, including dresses and tops as well as coats, which gave the clothing a classic, elegant look. Mui Mui uses blue to create sporty wear and as such gave a fresh look to the line of clothing.


Blue hues are also expected to be in fashion in 2015 – Photo: Fashionmio


Interior/Home Design

Interior design specialists seem to agree, with only few exceptions, that green hues will be big in 2015. According to interior and exterior design expert Benjamin Moore, natural neutrals will dominate in 2015. Moore backed up his claim by selecting Guildford Green as his pick for next year’s hit hue. A mixture of sage and chartreuse, the colour is profoundly natural.


Benjamin Moore chose Guilford Green as their colour of the year 2015 – Photo: Benjamin Moore

All the rich hues of green are going to be popular this year in the interior design industry and Apartment Therapy has chosen olive green. With the colour green coming back in interior design, curtains, murals, wall clocks and even furniture in green will all be in demand.


Wallpaper in green hues – Photo: Photowall

In stark contrast to other interior design specialists, Sherwin-Williams predicted that Coral Reef would win the acclaimed title and, as a result, has explored a bolder side of the colour spectrum with its coral-hued furniture.


Sherwin-Williams chose Coral Reef as Colour of the Year 2015 – Photo: Huffington Post


Even though Pantone has announced the colour of the year, many designers are exploring different shades of colour for their creations. Marsala is a strong colour and will most likely be widely used by designers alike, but with other shades taking centre stage, the design world will be bursting with colour.