Make Up Tips & Tricks From The Experts You Need To Know

You don’t need to go to the salon to get beautiful and gorgeous-looking make up. With a few tips and a handful of information form the best in the business, you can get that salon-like styling at a fraction of the cost. From knowing what brushes to keep to laying out the foundations to an awesome look, we take a look at some handy make up tips and tricks straight from the experts to create that perfect look.

Brush it up

Having the right type of brush for the make up that you’re applying is crucial in getting that paparazzi-ready look. There are a number of brushes to choose from, but experts recommend keeping eight major brushes in your arsenal: a foundation brush, a concealer brush, a blush brush, a small blending brush, a lip brush, a precision angle brush, a fluffy powder blush, and a flat eye shadow brush. Special brushes are more expensive, but using the right brush lasts longer and contours the face much better.

Get a natural blush

Want to have a natural-looking blush color for your cheeks? Here’s a simple tip: apply your blush on one cheek and leave the other cheek sans make up. After applying, pinch the cheek without the blush and check yourself in the mirror. If your colored blush make up matches the color of the cheek that you pinched, then you have found the perfect color for your natural blush.

Color correct it

Much like videos that need the proper color grading, you should also consider the right mix of colors for your eye shadow. Opposite colors on top of each other have a tendency to cancel each other out, but placing them side by side helps each color to stand out. Think about the color of your eyes and match your eye shadow to complement the windows to your soul. Green eyes work well with reddish pigments. Deep reds and plum-colored shades are perfect for those with green eyes. Those with baby blue eyes can benefit from orange-hued eye shadow while having brown eyes allows you to mix and match with the color because brown is considered to be a neutral color.

Curl it well

Heat makes your lashes curl more perfectly, however heated curlers that run on battery are more expensive and can easily run out of juice. One way to get that heated effect is to take your regular eyelash curler and heating it up with your blow-dryer for a few seconds. Think of it as a mini curling iron for your beautiful lashes. Curling your lashes can make a bolder look that’s perfect for any occasion.

Gloss is boss

Lip gloss should be an important part of your kit. Keeping it in your clutch allows you to moisturize your lips and prevent it from drying out. Sticky lip gloss happens when the product gets heated up, causing an icky feel making it awkward to apply. To avoid sticky lip gloss, simply rub ice on the cap for a few seconds to chill out some of the stickiness. This can smooth out the goo and harden it back to its shape.