Cleaning carpets with these homemade tricks

A rug can give a charming touch to a room. However, we know that it is difficult to clean and keep them in good and top condition, most carpets can catch bad odors, are infested with mites, etc. Do not panic!


Today we list a simple and homemade trick to keep your favorite carpet clean. The following tricks are easy enough for any beginner to do. All you need is the will to carry out each necessary stage. You should take into account daily cleaning and at least once a year you should do a thorough cleaning. This way you will make each of your rugs shine every day. Curious? Just keep reading!

Tricks to clean the carpet at home: Step by step

Step one: Vacuum cleaner, your perfect ally

First of all, to remove mites, dander or dust and even mud, we will use a vacuum cleaner. It is important to remove these elements before starting a thorough cleaning, so that we have removed a lot of dirt from the carpet. In addition, these elements are loose on the carpet, if we wet them without vacuuming, they will be left behind and the carpet will not look clean.

Step two: Use special products for rugs

After you’ve vacuumed, it’s time to clean with a pre-wash product, so we’ll make sure that the dirtiest areas are thoroughly cleaned.

Step three: Steam before Soap

Depending on the fabric of the carpet, you may or may not dampen it. Whenever possible it is recommended to steam clean the cloth. This will finish removing all the dirt particles. It is recommended to steam clean before cleaning the carpet with a liquid or soap solution. Soap will make your carpet too wet and its properties can make it dirty faster.

Step four: Drying it will be the key

You have to make sure that after cleaning the carpet is completely dry because moisture will make it break down faster and thus also make it look dirtier due to stains. Make sure you understand which way the sun is shining so that drying can take place optimally.

Another trick for bad smells

Bad smells are the enemy of any carpet owner. Unfortunately most of them do not have a definite solution to solve the problem. Don’t worry because below you will find a great solution for all the bad smell problems on your carpet.

To remove odors from carpets, you should use a powder-based soap. Always avoid liquid soap as it won’t help the carpet get cleaner but can take hours to dry and get dirty. Choosing soap to clean carpets cannot be done carelessly because it will damage the surface texture of your carpet.

Do you know any more tricks to make your carpet like new? But if you don’t have enough time to do everything, we suggest you hire a carpet cleaning service that is done by a professional. Hopefully this article provides valuable information. Thanks for reading!