Benefits of a Marriage

Every year, 2.4 million couples get married. Although this statistic may seem mind-boggling, it’s really no surprise. Psychologists from Wake Forest University studied happiness and found that being married really does bring wedded bliss. Being married gives people more life satisfaction than having children, money, or sex. Where do these couples meet?

One in six meet online, then go on to purchase engagement rings, and wait 15 months before actually tying the knot. The average engagement ring has a price tag of $4,857, although a survey revealed that most people only want to spend $2,500. The jeweled band is just the first in a group of expenses that betrothed individuals shell out to pull off their big day. Couples in the United States alone spend $72 billion on wedding ceremonies and receptions each year. That number breaks down to an average of $28,383 per event.

The most popular month to tie the knot is June, followed by August. Although winter is the least popular season to get married, the individuals who do choose the chilly time of the year most often pick Christmas for their wedding date. Almost all couples who opt for traditional weddings also take honeymoons. Approximately a third of them stay in the U.S., while two-thirds of them fly the friendly skies to an international destination. For more intriguing details about getting hitched in America, check out this infographic.

Wedding Infographic


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