5 Things to Look for When You’re Choosing an Engagement Ring

Finally!  Congratulations on finding the love of your life. The next most important thing is engagement. A fabulous engagement is carried out with a suitable engagement ring. Buying a ring is not easy, since, it’s a sign and symbol of love. Thus, you need to adhere to the following 5 things to look for when you’re choosing an engagement ring.

1. Your financial Budget

This is a financial limit within which you can purchase your ring comfortably. You have to gauge your financial stamina before choosing an engagement ring.  Bankruptcy should not be an option to own an engagement ring. It is therefore imperative to prepare a suitable budget for an engagement ring. 

You can negotiate with your jeweler and custom design your engagement ring with a suitable budget for a stunning ring. Alternatively, you can purchase a new engagement ring that lies within your financial budget to limit your expenses on the ring.

2. Personal choice

Your fiancé may have different preferences and choices towards engagement rings. In this case you need to get her a suitable engagement ring that suits her taste. Whether you choose to buy halo, pave or channel design setting it should be a reflection of her taste. 

The best way to identify her style is to keep an eye at what she likes to wear and her favorite jewelry. Identify her favorite color that will guide you to choose her perfect ring.

Additionally, you can check her jewelry to see if she has yellow gold, white gold or silver colors in place. This can help you when choosing the band of the ring. For example, if she loves colors buy her yellow gold and if she wears silver jewelry buy white gold as a perfect match.

3. Size of the ring 

What is your partners ring size? This question sounds strange, but, it is essential to know her ring size. Your knowledge of partners ring size may help you to avoid taking it back to the jeweler for resizing. Your fiancé will feel great when you actually know her ring size. 

If you want to know her ring size you can borrow one of her rings and take it to the jeweler for ring resizing. You can also go for ring shopping with her best friends who will help you choose a ring which is suitable to fit her size and style. It is important to know that some rings cannot be resized. Finally, it will be costly and time-consuming to resize the ring.

4. Protection

An engagement ring is a unique investment that you should protect it like other investments. It is therefore important to insure your ring. Insurance policies covers the ring in case of the ring gets lost, stolen or damaged.  You should include insurance fee in the budget meant to purchase the ring.

Another form of protection is to get your stone certified. Some jewelers can give you an illusion you’re buying a great ring with a good deal. Unfortunately, it may be low quality diamond.

5. Quality

Quality should not be compromised when purchasing an engagement ring. Are you thinking of purchasing your engagement ring? Consider the 4cs when planning to buy a diamond ring in a jewelry store in Sydney. These 4cs are the cut, color, clarity, and carat. 

Carat weight will affect the budget. The heavier the stone the more expensive it will cost. The size of a carat is not important. Clarity is the stone imperfections. Higher clarity will make the stone more valuable. Clarity and color are also not important. 

You can buy the lowest clarity stone and the lowest color the ring will look flawless and identical to high clarity stone. Cut is the most important 4c. Cut determines the ring sparkle. A poorly cut ring will look bad. Apart from the stone pay attention to the ring band. Remember to buy perfect wedding bands to compliment the stone.

Final Verdict

When shopping for an engagement ring, remember your fiancé will wear the ring for a lifetime. She may decide to give to your children the same ring during their engagement as an heirloom ring. Thus, you need to be extra careful in choosing what your heart desires. 

If an engagement ring has a unique style affordable to make your fiancé happy then have it for your partner. I’m sure your fiancé will be truly amazed and surprised, if you buy for her, her dream engagement ring.