4 Fashion Tips for Couples to Look Stunning

When you go out with your significant other, do you try to coordinate your outfits beforehand? Or do you just go out wearing whatever you happened to be wearing for the day? There are two general reasons to match your partner – to look amazing as a couple and to be noticed as a couple by others.

While you certainly don’t need to wear matching outfits (although you can), you can coordinate your attire to look your best. If you’re wondering how, here are some ideas.

1. Match your clothing style

It’s one thing to wear the same color as your partner, but that can be overkill. Imagine going out wearing the same bright blue or red. You’ll definitely stand out, but not in the way you want. On the other hand, you can create the same vibe by wearing the same style of clothing rather than matching exact colors.

Some styles are easy to match. For instance, men’s chinos are easy to find and they’re comfortable. Chinos usually come in basic colors like black, tan, white, navy, and khaki so you and your partner will more than likely match regardless of what colors you wear.

Of course, when you wear chinos, you’ll be likely to wear a nice top, but nothing too fancy. No matter what kind of top you both wear with your chinos, you’ll look great.

Another idea for matching your clothing style is to wear nice jeans with a button-down shirt. You can each wear a completely different style of jeans and still look great together. With jeans, your choice of top will be what defines your overall look, so you can coordinate matching dress shirts or just make your shirts similar in color.

2. Wear literal matching outfits

Okay, it sounds kind of cheesy, but not when it’s done right. You can actually wear matching outfits with your partner and look stunning at the same time. The key is to choose the right matching outfit.

Sure, you’ll look a bit ridiculous if you wander around town wearing matching silk pajamas, but there are other ways to match outfits. For instance, some couples enjoy wearing similar t-shirts that are slightly different, but look the same. Like a king and queen design, or funny messages with arrows pointing toward the other person.

Another way to match is to get custom made shirts or hoodies either your names, anniversary date, or anything else with special meaning to you. You can also make custom shirts that are the inverse of the other. For example, one shirt can be black with white print while the other can be white with black print. This will still project the same feeling of being identical.

If you really want to make a bold statement, there are companies that make matching outfits with the same printed material, but with different types of clothing. For instance, you can find shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, and overalls made from the same print. This can be fun if you don’t mind getting a little extra attention.

3. Wear matching jewelry

No matter how different your outfits are, if you wear matching jewelry, hev    people will notice the similarity and perceive you both as a couple. This can be fun if you enjoy being social.

Try wearing the same bracelet or necklace. The bigger the jewelry, the more noticeable it will be to others. If you both have your ears pierced, try matching earrings or maybe a matching watch.

4. Go all out for formal and fancy occasions

If you’re ever invited to a formal event, you’ll look amazing as a couple when you both go all out. It’s understandable if both of you aren’t equally interested in dressing up, but you’ll make a much larger impression if you both get on the same page with how fancy you get with our attire. For example, make sure neither of you ‘outdress’ the other, and instead, keep your level of fancy the same. There are varying degrees of formal attire, so it should be easy enough to coordinate at the same level.

You’ll look even more amazing when you feel good

At the end of the day, you’ll look your best as a couple when you both feel good, regardless of what you wear. Your energy and emotions will become tangible for others, so make sure you enjoy what you wear to make the best impression.