3 Helpful Tips For Wearing Peasant Tops This Summer

As the 1970s bohemian look continues to grow in popularity, peasant tops have become all of the rage. Peasant tops are being seen more and more frequently on fashion runways and the trend does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.


Peasant tops are great for those who wish to save money by using coupons when it comes time to build their summer wardrobe. You will be able to find those, for example, in Kohl’s and make them more affordable with Discountrue coupons. These casual blouses offer an untold amount of versatility and by following these helpful tips, you can turn heads this summer for all of the right reasons!


  1. Pair Them With Denim

If you’re looking for an outfit idea that will allow you to look your best without spending hours on the task, you can’t go wrong by pairing a peasant top with any denim items that you may currently have inside of your closet.


For example, your peasant top will look great in tandem with any number of denim items that you typically take for granted. Do you have a pair of cutoffs that you’re no longer wearing on a regular basis? Wearing them with a peasant top offers a very cool vintage look. Your skirts, overall and skinny jeans look great when they are paired with the right peasant top and if you don’t have any denim of your own, feel free to steal a pair of your boyfriend’s jeans!


  1. Choosing The Right Shoes

One of the main reasons why so many women are turning to peasant tops this summer is because they are amazingly versatile and can be paired with any number of different shoes. Unlike some tops that only look their best when they are worn in tandem with expensive, special occasion shoes, the beauty of peasant tops is that just about anything works.


You can wear anything from a pair of heels to some gladiator sandals, all while maintaining a vintage, classy look. If you’re looking to dress down a bit, the peasant top can be paired with some jeans and sneakers. Even a pair of chunky shoes works just fine and peasant tops offer various opportunities for experimentation.


  1. Office Wear

Peasant tops can be worn at events and parties, but they are also great for office wear, when paired with the proper bottoms, shoes and accessories. Peasant tops that are worn in the office are typically of a neutral color and much less formfitting.


White summer trousers will work well with this ensemble or you can pair your billowy peasant top with a pencil skirt. A pair of sunglasses, a big bag, a messy bun and you are more than ready to head to work and head to happy hour once you’re off the clock!