12 Essential Pieces to Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

There’s nothing like springtime. But in order to get to the part that’s filled with beautiful blooms and sunshine, we have to get through those dreary days of late winter. The weather can feel quite unpredictable as the seasons change, and it can be quite difficult to know how to find pieces that work just as well on bitterly cold days as they do in the golden glow of springtime.

Thankfully, these 12 pieces will help you transition your wardrobe from winter to spring.

1. A Classic Trench Coat

Get through those pesky April showers with a classic coat that’s both chic and practical. A trench coat is the perfect piece to give your look a springtime refresh, even when the weather’s still slightly chilly. Camel is a classic color choice, but army green, navy and even leopard print can act like neutrals, too.

2. Light Colored Layers

When it’s not quite warm enough to go without a jacket, rely on your base layers for a pop of spring color. Pick pieces that are lighter weight so you can wear them on their own once the weather is more springlike than wintry. A blush turtleneck, an ivory sweater or a floral blouse will have you thinking warmer, happier thoughts in no time!

3. Fun Tights

Tights are generally considered a cold weather essential, but they can help you wear your favorite warm weather favorites a little bit earlier than you might have thought. Don’t be afraid to put on that paisley mini dress in March. Thick, opaque black tights and booties will keep you from seeming overzealous. You can also use tights to create a brighter, more playful look by picking pairs with shiny stitching or cute patterns, like polka dots!

4. Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses magically withstand the test of time–and temperature. Their flowy fabrics make them incredibly flattering on anyone, able to be dressed up or down and perfect for all seasons. Layer a chunky cardigan over your dress when it’s cold outside, or swap in strappy sandals for a warmer weather look.

5. A Wide Brim Hat

For a bit of a traveler vibe, swap your beanie hat for an Indie-inspired wide brim hat. It’ll keep you from squinting in the springtime sunshine and keep your outfit looking fresh and new. Classic black is a go-to option, as are burgundy and tan.

6. Distressed Denim

Distressed denim has really become somewhat of an unexpected wardrobe staple. What used to be reserved for ’90s grunge has come back strong. Whether you opt for a fringy, tattered jacket or a pair of light wash ripped jeans, just make sure the rips look intentional rather than unkempt–and that you keep the rest of your outfit tailored.

7. Bold Booties

While basic black is an absolute classic, late winter is the perfect time to introduce a new take on an old favorite. Whether you pick a print like snakeskin or find a pair with studded details, bold booties can add a fun touch to your outfit and will transition quite well from winter to spring.

8. Cozy Cardigans

At some point in the winter, it gets to be warm enough to leave your coat at home, but still too chilly to go jacketless. For days like this, cardigans make the perfect layering piece. Chunky knit styles make mini skirts and lightweight maxi dresses feel appropriate for colder weather, and can be easily taken off if the sun happens to come out midday.

9. Over the Knee Boots

Over the knee boots are extremely versatile and look great from fall all the way to late spring. Instead of wearing them with turtlenecks and your chunkiest knits, style them with lighter weight pieces instead. Over the knee boots look instantly fresh for spring when worn sans tights, but with a short floral dress, a preppy shirt dress or a floral blouse and flowy skirt.

10. A Chic Crossbody Bag

If spring were a decade, it’d probably be the ’70s. Bring a bit of the feeling of growth and rebirth and optimism to your wardrobe with a chic crossbody bag in a rich caramel color. It’ll add a playful sweetness to everything from blousy tops, to tattered denim, to workwear.

11. Strappy Sandals

Even though you’ll get the most use out of strappy sandals in the spring and summer, a warm late winter day is the perfect time to break them out. To avoid having chilly toes all day, take a cue from street style stars and layer a chic pair of socks underneath them.

12. A Corduroy Skirt or Jacket

Corduroy works well in the fall, winter and spring. When it’s colder out, you can wear this unique fabric with heavier layers for a cozy look, but in the spring, the texture looks beautiful with silky blouses and other flowing fabrics. Pick a rich color like rust or marigold for a little extra warmth.

13. Finishing the Look

Whether you thrive in the chill of winter or the blooms of spring, there are many ways to style outfits that work for both seasons. When the weather’s unpredictable, these 12 essential pieces will help you effortless transition your wardrobe from winter to spring.