10 Astonishing Jewelry Storage Ideas to Decorate Your Bedroom

Hey my dear fashionistas! Outfits won’t look so beautiful without necklaces, bracelets and I think that, this fact made me a jewelry-addicted. I can’t imagine my life without jewels anymore, can you? My earrings were all around my house and when I wanted to wear a specific pair, I couldn’t find it and I think that in that moment only God knew where they were. This problem was bothering me for years, especially when I started buying more premium jewellery from places like Berganza jewellers in hatton garden. I needed to store my jewellery safely, I also wanted to store all my jewels and my life as a whole. I wanted to store all my jewels in a clever way and to have an easy access to everything. I searched the net and what I have found were million interesting, easy and quick to make jewelry storage ideas. But, I selected the best 10 Astonishing Jewelry Storage Ideas that will blow your mind and will leave you breathless. Let’s check them out!


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jewelry display4
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You can put your jewels in a drawer or display your jewels in that way to stand out as a decoration in your room. There are many diy jewelry storage ideas that can be made in just couple of minutes, without wasting money on jewelry holders or drawers. If you have some free time, you should definitely try to create a jewelry holder to display all of your jewels and beautify your bedroom.

wall display
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jewelry display
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Master Closet Necklaces
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Glamorous and fancy necklaces and bracelets will improve the look and feel of your room in a minute. You can hang the necklaces on hooks or simple hangers and put the rings and bracelets on holders. There are so many different ideas to choose from. Pick the one that will fit your interior, style and personality the best and beautify your room.

jewelry cabinet
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scarf holder
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This bedroom decorations that you saw here are really inexpensive. All you need to do is to display all your beautiful and enchanting jewels. I really like all of these jewelry displays, what about you? Which one is your favorite and which one would you like to have in your bedroom? Would you like to display your jewels? I would like to know what is your opinion, so feel free to share your opinion in a comment below.

jewelry board
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By incorporating a decoration like these ideas above in your interior, you will have both, a beautifully decorated bedroom and organized jewels. Thank you for reading! Enjoy in the rest of your day and stay up to date with the contents of Fashion Diva Design!