4 secrets that stylish women swear by

Take a wander down the high street and something will become blatantly obvious. Some women are utterly stylish, and seem to be on a day-to-day basis, and others just can’t pull it off – regardless of how hard they try.

Let’s not forget that this isn’t something related to DNA; style is something that you can completely affect.

This is the reason behind today’s article and if you are desperate to finally break the style barriers, let’s take a look at some of the best secrets that the most fashionable women around have in their arsenal.

Secret #1 – They have a go-to store

When a fashionable woman needs a special garment, they know where to turn. More often than not it’s already in their wardrobe, but failing that they have shops that they know and trust. A common example is REISS due to its vast online collection, while some women will just turn to the high-street.

The trick is finding a store where you know that the size will always fit to. Everyone will have one of these places, it’s just the art of finding them which is the hard part.

Secret #2 – They follow other stylish women

How do you think these stylish individuals know what defines style? The answer is simple, particularly in the modern-day world, they follow others that are utterly fashionable. This might be on Instagram, or their social media platform of choice, but the trick is simply finding these stylish individuals in the first place and copying the elements of their wardrobe that they really like.

Secret #3 – Overdressing is always the safest option

Something else that people in this category always follow is to overdress, whenever in doubt. There will be plenty of “grey” occasions – those ones that you are not quite sure of the dress code. To ensure that you are making a terrible fashion faux pas, make sure you overdress. Sure, on some occasions you might stand out, but it’s so much better than standing out and looking as though you haven’t put any effort into your outfit in the slightest.

Secret #4 – Being shrewd with accessories

In truth, one could pen a whole dissertation on the art of accessories. This is something that can make or break and outfit, so it stands to reason that you need to pay particular attention to these.

This is something that those who fall into the “stylish” category certainly do, anyway. They will always blend in with their accessories with their chosen outfit. This means that they won’t always don their favourite bracelet, it has to match with the rest of the outfit they are wearing. At the same time, they won’t wear too many accessories, as this is also asking for trouble.

There’s a further element of this as well. In choosing your accessories, make sure they go with your body type. As fashion gurus will tell you, some can flatter or do the opposite to various parts of your body, so ensure this is taken into account as you start to add them to your outfit.