Ways To Keep Your Hair Looking Great Year Round

Beautiful locks are the target goal of most women around the world. However, getting thick, gorgeously long hair can often seem like an unattainable dream for many. Whether it is genetics working against them or dry, harsh winter weather, keeping hair looking good year round may seem like an impossible task. Fortunately, there are actually several ways to help ensure healthy locks around the clock.

Deep Condition

Conditioning your hair every time you shampoo is an excellent way to provide routine moisture to your hair. However, occasional deep conditioning treatments are necessary to penetrate follicles on a more long-lasting basis. Consider investing in a conditioning treatment at your favorite salon or opt for an at-home product instead. Whichever option you choose will definitely be beneficial to keeping your hair silky and strong.

Limit Heat Styling

If deep conditioning is your friend for silky smooth locks, then heat styling is the enemy against keeping your hair healthy. Although a small amount of heat on an occasional basis can be a great way to tame frizz, frequent heat styling will damage your hair. Damaged hair is more likely to be thin and brittle and will succumb to split ends much more easily than healthy hair. Limit heating styling whenever possible, and whenever you do use a hair straightener or curling iron, be sure to use a heat protection product prior to applying heat.

Hair Extensions

Often, no matter how carefully you take care of your hair, you’ll find that you simply cannot get the healthy-looking hair that you desire. Hair is highly genetic, which means that some women will simply never be able to grow thick, glossy hair naturally. Thankfully, hair extensions are an excellent way to solve this problem. Of course, not all hair extensions are created equally, and it is a good plan to research the type prior to purchasing it. For instance, some products are not even made out of real human hair while others like virgin hair extensions from Virgin Hair Fixx are. In fact, this latter option provides consumers with real human hair that can be worn both straight and curly if desired.

Alter Hair Product Routines

Finally, remembering to switch up your hair product routines occasionally can also be a great way to improve the appearance of your locks. As mentioned previously, using a monthly deep conditioning treatment is a great place to start for this. Combining this with a conscious choice to switch between a couple of shampoos on a regular basis (in order to prevent unwanted product build-up) is a wise plan. Adding a weekly (or bi-weekly) hair rinse into your beauty routine is a excellent way to top off your haircare plan.


In conclusion, beautiful hair year round is best achieved by a combination of methods. If you are among the lucky few who already have thick, long locks, then simply using the right hair products and limiting the use of harsh styling tools should do the trick. However, if you’re like most women, consider opting for some quality hair extensions. Not only will these extensions eliminate the frustrating “work” of growing out your hair, but they will also improve the overall appearance of your whole head of hair.