Unique Gift Ideas for People Who Have Everything

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It’s always challenging to find the perfect gift. Even for the best friend we’ve known since middle school or the teenage sister we’ve seen grow up right before our very eyes, finding a special gift for them—and for each momentous occasion—can be downright exhausting. But when you’re trying to find a gift for a person who also has everything? That makes it even harder! Does your friend already have the latest gadgets? Strike them off the list. Does your sister already have trendy new clothes? Strike them off too. 

So, what exactly do you do to show your love and admiration for them? The answer is much more simple than it seems. Instead of handing them a physical gift you found at the mall, put more thought into it. Whether you create or find a meaningful gift to give or force them to take that trip they’ve always wanted, let your next gift to them be one of memories, experiences, and thoughtfulness. Let them know you know who they are deep down, not at the surface level.  The next time you’re struggling to find a present for a birthday or holiday, here are several unique gift ideas for people who have everything. 

Gift Cards and Certificates

One easy item to fall back on is a gift card or gift certificate. While it seems impersonal to some and more like a cop-out, it works wonders in these types of situations when your friend or relative has everything. And the best part is you can buy gift cards from almost anywhere and for anything!

If your recipient likes watching movies, give them a gift card to their local movie theater. If they have a favorite shop or restaurant, give them a gift card there. If they love to travel, consider an Airbnb gift card. This unique gift idea works exceptionally well for people who are just very particular and selective and for those who overwork and often find excuses for taking time for themselves. Now, with a gift card, they have no excuse to take a small weekend getaway or even go out for dinner for a few hours.

Personalized Items

Another unique gift idea is to add a personal touch to what otherwise might be a standard gift. When you have something engraved or embroidered or stamped with their name or a thoughtful message, it shows you put in extra thought and effort.

For truly unique ideas, consider something like a star map print of their birthday or an engraved wooden cutting board for foodies. This gift idea doesn’t have to be elaborate. It could simply be a customized coffee mug or a wine glass. You can also personalize a journal or have a canvas tote bag monogram embroidered with their initials. Better yet, spell their name out with these cute inspirational flags.   

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If someone has plenty of clothes or trinkets, consider giving an experience instead. Whether it’s concert tickets to see their favorite band or a thrilling sky-diving adventure, there’s always something to suit every taste. You can even give them classes for cooking, painting, or photography to teach them new skills. 

Another fantastic idea is to enjoy the experience together. Whether you go on a road trip, prepared with some cute car accessories, or commit to that whitewater adventure with them, show your enthusiasm for their adventurous spirit too! The point is to replace a physical gift with that of a memory or even an achievement they can check off their bucket list.

Subscription Service

A magazine subscription has always been a great go-to gift idea. But, today, there are more than monthly magazine subscriptions. These days, you can find subscription services from beauty sample boxes to DIY craft packages to sustainable bouquet delivery. In fact, you can still give a small gift to accompany the subscription, such as an artisan bud vase they can place flowers in. 

While they come in a range of interests to suit anyone from a grandmother to teens,

they also come appropriate to a range of budgets. Each service typically comes in a variety of price points, allowing you to choose how often the recipient should receive a package. It’s the perfect, unique gift that keeps on giving, whether it’s a monthly or seasonal subscription service. 

In the same vein of a subscription service, you can also give a membership service. Much like a subscription service, you pay a fee, but your friend or family member recipient is also given access to insider organizations or clubs. This could be a membership to art or history museums, where they can have special offers like after-hours tours. Or it could be a membership to a designer clothing rental service, where they are provided apparel they can return or choose to keep.  

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Charity Donation

For some friends and family who are difficult to buy for, one unique gift idea is to donate to a charity in their name. Consider some causes they truly care about and research some organizations that allow gift donations or honor gifts. If they love animals, think of donating to the American Humane Society. If they care about the environment, consider donating to Resources Unite.    

There are countless charities out there that fit almost any cause. You can even find crowd-sourcing sites like GoFundMe and Indiegogo that support local causes too. Just be sure to do your research through Charity Navigator and find one that has the most impact.  

Did You Find a Unique Gift Idea?

If you have a friend or family member who seems to have it all, remember that the ultimate gift is simply to show them that you care. Show your appreciation for them in other ways and don’t sweat it too much. Giving that extra bit of consideration into your gift, whether it’s by creating a personalized message or acknowledging that they could use a break with their best bud and getaway for the weekend, is much more unique. It’s better than something that’s bound to sit on a shelf.