The Top Footwear Styles for Fall 2016

It may still be summer, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong in making sure that you have your shoe collection for fall and winter all prepared. In fact, the warmer months are often the best time to start buying shoes to add to your fall and winter collection, as the hotter weather means that winter shoes won’t be in demand, meaning that you could pick up some great bargains ready to store away for when the cold starts to creep back in. Whether you’re hoping to get prepared early and start shopping now or just want to know what to look for when it’s time to invest in some warmer footwear, we’ve got the line up on the type of shoes that are set to be hot for fall 2016.

Work-Style Boots

Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen boots such as Timberlands become hugely popular during the colder weather. And, there’s a good reason for it – not only are they stylish, they’re also extremely comfortable and sturdy. Designed for working in, you can be sure that work-style boots are going to carry your feet wherever you go in comfort and style. You can get a whole range of work boots which will look great with almost all of your fall and winter outfits.


Knee-high boots are a trend which never seems to go out of fashion during the winter months, but this year, it’s over-the-knee boots which are going to take top spot all over again. Last fall and winter, boots that covered the whole lower leg, including the knee were a massive hit, with a whole range of designs and colors available whether you prefer heels or flats, chunky or slim line, black, brown, tan or even other colors. Over the knee boots are a great choice for footwear for winter as they look stylish whilst keeping your feet and legs warm and snug. Great paired with skinny jeans and chunky knits, these boots should definitely be on your list of essentials for fall footwear.


For those fall days that aren’t quite cold enough to get wrapped up and wear warm boots, sneakers are an essential. Casual yet stylish at the same time, sneakers such as Converse and Vans have long been a footwear staple for year-round fashion. Available in a whole range of different colors, fall is the time to store away the bright white sneaker that you’ve been wearing during the warmer weather, and switch to colors such as navy, black, or even maroon red. Comfortable, practical, and easy to pair with almost any casual outfit, don’t leave a new pair of sneakers off the list when you’re choosing footwear for the colder months this year.

You might still be wearing flip-flops, but by looking for fall and winter footwear now, you can definitely pick up some great cut-price bargains and save yourself some money for when the colder weather sets in. Whether you’re looking for boots and shoes, make sure that you know what to purchase to welcome the colder weather in style.