Step Away From Tradition: Three Bridal Wear Concepts for the Modern Bride

Today’s modern bride is stepping outside of tradition and focusing more on creating a wedding day that symbolizes who she is as a true diva – and designers are taking notice. If you’ve been planning a wedding for 2015, chances are you’ve come across some pretty unique concepts that can really bring your special day to life. Long gone are the days of the over-laced white gowns, princess cut white diamonds, and tiara headdresses…the world of wedding fashion is moving towards uniqueness and personality as they strive to capture the essence of every bride.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few trends you’ll see more of in the upcoming year.

  1. Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Trends

Remember when every woman hoped for the white princess or opal cut diamond ring? Who says that you have to go with tradition? After all, these are rings that you’re expected to wear for the rest of your life, so they might as well match your personality. These trends just might take you by surprise.

Halo Rings – One trend that is becoming increasingly popular is the halo ring setting. With a larger stone in the middle and smaller diamonds surrounding it (like a halo) these engagement rings are taking the bridal world by storm.

Gold Choices – White gold and platinum seemed to be the growing trend in years past, however, now there are more gold choices to further personalize your rings. Trending this year are yellow gold, rose gold, and even black gold rings with beautiful diamond settings.

Sapphires – Dare we say that the royal Diva Kate Middleton set this tone? Colored sapphires are becoming a new statement wedding and engagement ring. You can choose varying colors with Front Jewelers’ pink sapphire rings, as well as different gold bands to make the color pop even more.

  1. Wedding Dress Trends

Your quest to personalize your wedding and step away from tradition doesn’t have to stop with your wedding bands and engagement rings. Many brides have even opted to switch up the look and feel of their wedding gowns.

Minimal Dresses – Not every bride likes the feeling of itchy lace or heavy beading weighing them down… which is why minimal dresses are becoming increasingly popular. You can find simple dresses that offer a touch of class and sophistication without all the bells and whistles.

Off the Shoulders – Love the support that straps offer but also like to show a bit of shoulder? Well off the shoulder gowns provide common ground. Designed as you choose, the straps are now draped to the side providing additional support while still allowing you to show a bit of skin.

Cut Outs and Crop Tops – Another popular wedding gown trend is the crop top and cut outs. These two piece gowns offer an edgier take on the wedding gown while still allowing you to look chic and classy.

Color– Color is not only taking the engagement ring market by storm, but wedding gowns as well. If you’re not really into wearing white, beige, or cream, why not switch things up with a bold or soft touch of color. Blush pink, black, yellow, green, or whatever color you can think of can really set your wedding apart from the rest.

  1. Wedding Headpiece Trends

Who needs a tiara and a veil these days? Nowadays brides are switching things up with innovative headpiece ideas.

Flower Power – Love flowers? Well how about adding some to your headpiece? Choose whichever flowers you’d like and customize them to match your dress or wedding décor. Whether you have a headband made completely of flowers or you opt for a single flower on the side of a bun, you’ll certainly look elegant as you walk down the aisle to meet your groom.

Boho-Chic – Looking for a more laid back look for your bohemian personality? There are plenty of ideas out there that can be just as elegant as traditional headpieces. Jewels, a single strand of pearls, beautifully designed headbands and more can really accent your wedding gown well.

Ladies, let’s remember that your wedding day only happens once. Instead of trying to follow in mom’s footsteps, create your own and step outside of the box. There are so many growing trends in the bridal world today, that there’s no telling what type of wedding you can create. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to be bold, be different, and most importantly be true to you.