Single Braids Hairstyles: New Summer Trend 2017

The summer is here and you are eager to change your hairstyle in a more appealing manner. Do not hesitate to consider single braid hairstyles that come in various styles. If you are looking for a new look, single hairstyle gives you that perfect look. Single braids hairstyles are stylish, comfortable, natural and easy to maintain. In the contemporary society, gorgeous and elegant single braid hairstyles are leading in the fashion world. It gives you the freedom of choice since there are numerous types of single braid hairstyles. These include; cornrows, box braid, French braid, half-up bun, elegant side tuck, polished pompadour, high ponytail, box and cornrows combo just to mention a few. 

Box and cornrows combo

This hairstyle starts with some texture to your dark hair and gives it vibrant shades of red. You create a part line to separate the front then a classic part to the center. Then style the front locks into box braided style. Ensure that the cornrows do not stretch to the back by pulling them off. The extra loose braided length is left to fall towards the back and a sweep to the front gives it a flirty finish.


French braid

French braid is the simplest form of three strand braid where all the hair is divided into three sections that are then gathered simultaneously to the scalp. It is usually described as braided backwards-strands since it appears to be braided into the hair. 


Two-tone curvy cornrows

The curvy part originates from a single spot on the side and spread towards the back. It gives your locks the sweet look of an ombre that sports a dark shade melting into rustic blonde. The extra braided length is merged by pinning them into a bundle. Side swipe them to lay on the chest for a great look.


Black and white combo

This is the best hairstyle to put on if you need attention. A white tone is added to the dark hair giving you a sexy glamour. Preferably, go for a center part to reveal the dark shade and style each side into shoulder-length box braids. When you add a white lipstick, you will have a stunning look.


Box braids

These are hair braids characterized by square-shaped hair divisions. Box braids are easy to maintain and so appealing and can be worn in many styles with or without hair extensions. Divide your hair into four box-like sections at the front right, the front left, the back right and the back left. Take a small pinch of hair from the first section to come up with pretty small box braids. This can be achieved with either extension, real or natural hair. Divide your hair into three sections as you braid and decide whether to tie your braids ends or not. The same is repeated for the rest of the hair.


Braided pigtails

You can drive your admirers crazy by having a nice pigtail hairstyle. For a classic look, add grey highlights to your dark long hair. Braided pigtails are playful and pretty making them the perfect addition to any beauty look. You can place you pigtail on either low, high or the side of the head. Grab each side into a ponytail with the based wrapped to attain that stylish look. The extra length is left to hang towards the front for a cool finish.


Cool contrast

The cool contrast is attained through having a dark shade one side and adding a silvery one on the other side for a cool half ombre. This gives you a nice look that will make heads turn wherever you go. Style the front into face-framing pieces creating a flirty finish. A pair of dark glasses will add to your cool look.

Rising bun

The Senegalese twists are pulled into a rising bun. This is achieved by pulling back the braided locks from the front. Hold into a ponytail and then tie the base with a hair band. You can then wrap the ponytail in one direction around the base and secure with bobby pins. Let the extra length fall over the shoulders.

Select the single braid hairstyle of your taste and your look will be amazing. You can get the best single braid hairstyle you wish since there are a variety of the same such as cool contrast, rising bun, box braids, braided pigtails, French braid, two-tone curvy cornrow, black and white combo among others. Any time you think of a new hairstyle, go for it since it will give you an appealing look that will be admired by many people.