The Simple Guide to the Best Hair Growth Shampoo

Thinning or slow-growing hair can be very discouraging, and most people find themselves at a loss because they do not know the next step to take. Hair growth shampoo is providing the much-needed solution for many people facing this predicament. Loss of hair or growth retardation are conditions caused by genetic coding, poor diet, clogged follicles and poor circulation and hair growth shampoos work to reverse the effects of these factors.

How to choose the best Hair Growth Shampoos


When it comes to choosing the ideal shampoo for hair growth, people who do not have the expertise may not know the best one for their hair. If you are not sure of the best one for your hair, you can conduct your hair specialist for guidance. The ideal hair growth shampoo should have amino acids, and this is because your hair is of proteins which contain amino acids. Hair shampoos with amino acids will improve the quality of your hair, refresh hair follicles and provide nutrients to them.

Some of the other essential ingredients in these shampoos include vitamins, plant botanicals, and antioxidants which are critical for the health of your scalp and hair.

There should also be natural ingredients as they stimulate hair follicles and repair hair damaged by harsh chemicals found in most hair products. Hair growth shampoos also contain ingredients that enhance the appearance of the hair. Some of the common natural ingredients found in shampoos include lavender, rosemary, and lemongrass for someone who needs to stimulate their scalp and promote hair growth.

Niacin and nettle root extract also improve scalp circulation thus promoting healthy development for your hair. Saw palmetto is another ingredient that blocks the hair loss enzymes in the hair, tea tree oil that clears pores in the scalp, biotin that promotes the growth of cells and caffeine that is known to energize the cells in the scalp.

The ideal shampoo for hair should also have chemicals that will work to reverse the natural factors that cause hair loss.

In this regard, a tube of shampoo may fight the testosterone hormone known to cause balding in men while others work to stimulate hair follicles as well as promote hair growth.

Some shampoos may also contain Dihydrotestosterone Blocker which helps to prevent hair from receding from the hairline. The DHT hormone stops nutrients from getting to the follicle and make people lose their hair.

The kind of chemical you need for this is determined by the cause of hair loss. This means you will have to consult your physician to get the cause and consequently get the ideal shampoo. To get the idea results for your hair, you should use a tube of shampoo with a combination of both natural and synthetic ingredients.

Hair Type

The kind of hair you have will help you choose the best hair shampoo for hair growth to use. Some people have dry hair while others have oil hair and what might work for the former may not work for the latter.

People with dry hair should choose shampoos that will help to moisturize their hair. On the other hand, if you have oily hair, you may need to buy a tube of shampoo that will take care of your scalp. You should have the same considerations in mind when you are dealing with colored, treated and damaged hair so as to have the best results for your hair.

Hair Texture

The texture of your hair is another factor that you will have to consider as you weigh options of getting the best hair growth shampoo.

There are various types of hair, and they include thick, coarse, kinky, curly or fine hair. Some have wavy, thin or healthy hair.

People with light hair should choose shampoos that will help thicken their hair while promoting growth at the same time. Those with curly, wavy hair should go for shampoos that will contribute to moisturizing their hair.

In this regard, you should also select a shampoo that will hydrate your strands and maintain elasticity as well as curly shape for improved growth. People with kinky hair should look for shampoos that will moisturize their hair. Such shampoos have ingredients such as glycerin and Shea butter. Nourishing formulas are ideal for this texture as well.


Step by step guide to using Hair Growth Shampoo

For hair growth shampoo to be effective, you should use it the correct way. If you do not use it the right way you may end up using up money and having to contend with hair loss or growth retardation for a long time.

Soak the Hair

The first step should be to soak your hair because this will help to make the process easier. If you skip this step, the shampoo may not work as required. You can use either cold or warm water.

Massage the Scalp

Most people have a problem with their hair because there is no blood-flow in the hair and this affects the health of your scalp and hair. It works to remove dirt as well.

Add the hair growth Shampoo

Normally hair will require one or sometimes two applications of the hair growth shampoo. If you apply too much of the shampoo, you may end up with fly-away or static results which may leave the hair unprotected and, therefore, vulnerable to the factors that caused your problems in the first place. In case your shampoo fails to lather as required, you can rinse your hair and shampoo it again.

Ensure even Application

When applying the shampoo for hair growth, you should ensure that you used it to your hair evenly so that the whole head is covered. Massaging your hair may help you in this as well.

Rinse the Hair

The next step should be to rinse your hair, and you should ensure that you have rinsed your hair well so that there is no remaining residue. Any remaining residue can dry your scalp out, and you will end up with an itchy, flaky scalp. Some people end up with a greasy film on their hair as well.

Add some Conditioner

Once you have rinsed your hair properly, you can evenly apply some conditioner in it using your fingers. You can allow the conditioner to sit on your hair for about five minutes or less depending on the condition of your hair. Do not use a comb immediately as it may cause more breakages.

Rinse Again

You can now rinse your hair again to ensure that no residue remains in the hair. Finishing is best done by cold water which closes the cuticles resulting in a shine and leaving your hair with a bounce.

Dry the Hair

You can now air dry your hair or use a blow dryer. Choose the correct shampoo, use it correctly and you will be well on your way to having the longest hair you have ever wanted.
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