Seven Important Things You Need To Do To Make Your Skin Look Younger

Who doesn’t love having skin that looks youthful and glowing and makes people do a double-take when it comes to guessing your age? Sure, aging is a natural process that you shouldn’t be fighting, but aging gracefully is also just as important for many of us.

Besides, having an amazing skincare routine that breathes new life into your face and also makes you look a few years younger never hurt anyone, did it? With that in mind, we’ve brought to you our favorite anti-aging skincare tips to achieve amazing skin that can help make you look young and radiant, no matter how young (at heart!) you are. 

Use an Anti-Aging Cream

An anti-aging cream is the first addition to a dedicated anti-aging skincare routine. That’s because a good anti-aging cream tends to be power-packed with essential nutrients that slow down the aging process and remove any visible signs of aging from your skin. 

Anti-aging creams typically contain nutrients and ingredients that promote collagen formation. Collagen is a protein that strengthens your skin and improves its suppleness, thereby making it look younger and smoother overall. In addition to using a topical cream, taking supplements for your skin can also improve your appearance. A NAD IV in Atlanta supports cell repair and regeneration and detoxifies your body, helping give your skin a naturally youthful glow.

Vitamin C and Retinol Are Your Best Friends

If you’ve listed down anti-aging as a major skin goal, there’s no way you haven’t heard of Vitamin C and Retinol at least once in your life. These are two core ingredients of any good anti-aging formula, and that’s because of two reasons. 

One, they’re natural antioxidants that form a protective layer around your skin and prevent oxidation, and two, they make your skin smoother and increase its elasticity. Together, this duo of ingredients can make your aging signs less visible and also enrich your skin’s natural glow. 

Include an Eye Cream at Night

Gently tap the skin around your eyes for a second. Doesn’t it feel extra soft and sensitive? It is this area of your skin that begins showing the earliest aging signs in the form of eye bags, dark circles, and fine lines. And that’s precisely the reason why you need to take special care of this region. 

An eye cream gives the skin around your skin an extra boost of anti-aging ingredients so that it is able to heal some preexisting imperfections. Eye creams are best used at night, right before you head to bed, as this serves them ample time to work their magic. So if you’re still sorting out a nighttime routine, don’t forget to include a good eye cream in it! 

Carry a Moisturizer Wherever You Go

Don’t underestimate the power of a moisturizer, especially one with SPF protection. Keeping your skin moist and hydrated is probably the most important step towards achieving healthy and youthful skin, and avoiding UV damage is key to looking youthful. So feel free to moisturize your skin whenever it starts feeling a little tight and itchy. 

An awesome moisturizer could do wonders for your skin. For instance, a stem cell moisturizer not only gives your skin a hydration boost, but also can speed up its regeneration process to heal breakouts faster and reduce the presence of wrinkles. Always try finding a daily moisturizer that suits your skin type and aligns well with your skin goals, though. 

Use a Humidifier for External Hydration

Humidity serves as a 24/7 moisturizer for your skin, and the best way to keep the air around you humid is by using a humidifier. Basically, a humidifier is a gadget that heats up a small quantity of water and transforms it into steam. It then releases this steam gradually into your surroundings. The water vapor gets absorbed into your skin to make it look soft and supple. 

Try To Keep Stress at Bay

As you get older, your skin becomes more sensitive to subtle mood and diet changes. In time, they can start showing up on your face. That means a good lifestyle change will help you look like you’re glowing almost instantaneously, and a bad one will make you look a few years older almost overnight.

Try to not get worked up about everything that goes on around you, and don’t be shy about sharing your burdens with friends or coworkers. Don’t worry, they’ll be happy to lend you a hand. Try to find out what’s causing unwarranted stress and try to solve the problem from its root cause. 

Exfoliate Once Every Week or So

Exfoliating is an essential skincare step, as it helps you get rid of dead skin cells and pollutants stuck within your skin or clogging its pores. But do it too often, and it will aid in loosening your skin and damaging it. Exfoliate with a walnut or oatmeal scrub once a week if you have normal to oily skin, and once every two weeks if you have dry skin. 

Ultimately, anti-aging is more about a lifestyle change than anything else. Sure, the biggest requirements for anti-aging are plenty of antioxidants, skin regeneration, and collagen formation, but serums and creams can only get you so far. The true dramatic effects start showing up when you give yourself a little self-love — so don’t hesitate to show yourself some TLC by taking good care of your skin!