Pairing Gold Accessories with Black and White Outfits

Like gin and tonic or Romeo and Juliet, some pairings simply complement each other perfectly and are better when together. When it comes to style, combining gold accessories with black and white garments will always be a match made in heaven. As for what exactly to pair with, leave that to us.

Michael Kors Clutch Bag

Daytime clutches may be gaining popularity, but it’s at nighttime that the clutch really shines. And shine you will, with a Berkley metallic leather clutch from MK. We really love the glistening pale gold option, as especially when paired with black tights, a black pencil skirt, and a sleeveless white blouse (see here for example), the overall effect is stylish simplicity with just the right amount of flair. What’s more, clutches have a far more modern feel to them, are easier to carry (as well as being kinder to your shoulders and neck), and force you to only bring the essentials on a night out.

Carmen Diaz Necklace

It’s said that we all have a spirit animal inside ourselves, and it seems the Animal range from Carmen Diaz is a way to show which animal you connect with. Made with 14 karat yellow gold, these animal pendants are cute to look at, fun to wear, and a talking point for all. Paired with golden nails, a simple black T-shirt and black skinny jeans, this is a rock ‘n’ roll look that is uncomplicated yet trendy. With five animals to choose from, have a look here to see if your spirit animal is a cat, bird, wolf, fox, or lion.

Swiss Wristwatch

In 2016, it’s likely that the smartwatch revolution will continue to roll on like in 2015. However, a traditional Swiss-made wristwatch has all the intricate and indefinable beauty that a smartwatch may never have. Whether it’s Cartier, Rolex, or Omega, a gold-plated wristwatch with a white face, combined with a brown leather strap, is simply manufactured perfectness. Wristwatch sellers Chrono24 are a great place to start for finding a gold watch that is befitting to you, and the company even discusses the benefits of this particular color of wristwatch in this blog post.

Luckily, gold watches look suitable in a multitude of settings, but perhaps none more fitting than a classy and sophisticated tailored suit, much like the always gorgeous Emma Watson. Appropriate for both an elegant dinner or in the office, a black suit paired with dark-as-night heels and a gold watch is both impressive and effortlessly chic.