MiH Jeans Fall 2013

Hey Divas, I love wearing jeans. So, today I decided to show you this collection: MiH Jeans Fall 2013.  MiH creates great fitting, sexy elegant and comfy that you’ll wear forever. The company was established in London in 1969. Valuing the top quality and the premium design and following the tradition they have stayed on the top for many years. The celebrity following has been constant. Jane Birkin was photographed wearing them around town – from the early days, till today – the one of the biggest fashion icons – Claudia Schiffer and Gwyneth Paltrow are wearing them. MiH Jeans wanted to create retro-modern denim with a flattering fit. The label continues to build a loyal following among denim lovers around the world. Jeans are always trendy so MiH is creating beautiful rusty leather pants, a shear ling lined khaki parka, gorgeous silk men’s dress shirts, slouchy knit sweater sand. . . This Jeans Collection has everything you need to look cool and trendy this fall. So comfy! Enjoy in my presentation and stay up to date with our contents!

MiH Jeans


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