Manicure Ideas

Hello Fashion Addicts! Nowadays more and more people pay lots of attention to looks. You don’t have to be dressed well for a complete and beautiful appearance, but you have to take care about your nails too. They reveal a lot about woman’s personality and are a great indicator whether she cares about her looks. In this post we will present you some great manicure ideas. They’re fun and easy to do. Follow our step-by-step tutorials and you’ll be able to them by yourselves and still they can look like you have just come out from a cosmetic saloon.

You need nail polishes in many colors and scotch tape in order to make them cheerful and interesting. First you need to apply a base color and as soon as it dries choose the nail design you like the best and stick the scotch tape in your preferred way. Apply nail polish in another layer to make the pattern and when the nail polish dries remove the tape and apply a clear base coat. It will make your manicure more resistant and it will last longer. Try these lovely designs as soon as you can and don’t forget to be a fashionista!

Black And Gold Nails


Colorful DIY Nails With Scotch Tape


Two-Colored DIY Nail Design With Scotch Tape


Blocked Nail Design


Cute Nail Design


Lovely DIY Nail Design


Cute DIY Nails


Cheerful 4 Colored Manicure


Checkered Manicure


Fun Nail Design


Black And White Manicure