How to Make the Trend of Mismatched Dresses Work for Your Bridal Party

While choosing a wedding dress is one of the biggest decisions you will make on your special day, making your whole bridal party look stunning will also take planning. One of the latest fashion trends is to feature all of your bridesmaids in dresses that are somehow different from one another. Whether you vary the neckline, color, or texture of the dress, you are sure to allow each bridesmaid to be uniquely comfortable. Here are some tips you can make note of as you implement the latest trend.  

Have Dresses Be the Same Length

In order to create a cohesive look for your wedding party, make sure the hem lengths on the dresses are the same. Those that pull off the mismatched look have elements that remain consistent throughout all the dresses. Length is one feature that must be the same in order to pull off the style.

Have One Part of the Design Remain Consistent

While the dresses you choose for your bridesmaids can differ drastically, you want at least one aspect of the dresses to remain consistent. Having one link such as a consistent neckline, fabric or silhouette will work to coordinate the differences. As a bride think about what is universally flattering for all of your wedding party and incorporate that design element across the board.  

Choose Dresses in the Same Color Family

One of the easiest ways to pull off this trend is to choose dresses in the same color family. Sticking to a color theme or palette can create a beautiful effect. Allow the bridesmaids to choose the style that looks best on their figure. Not only will your bridesmaids feel comfortable, but they will also complement one another.

Pick Dresses In the Same Style But Different Colors

You can also take an alternate route by choosing a style that will look good on all your bridesmaids. Give them the freedom to choose the color they like the best. If settling on one style proves difficult, you can select a dress with a similar shape but varying neckline. By giving bridesmaids some say in the decision, you will make sure they are happy with the gowns chosen.

Different Color and Style Dresses But in Your Wedding Palette

In order for you to pull off choosing bridesmaids dresses in different colors and styles, provide your wedding party with swatches of your color pallette. They can then choose a dress that suits their personality. Allow them the freedom to incorporate any pattern and style as long as  they stick with the color scheme. You will end up with a wedding party that is unique yet, tied together by the shades visible throughout your wedding.

Make the Bouquets the Same

The bridesmaids’ bouquets are a great way to tie all the dresses together. Pick flowers in colors that complement the shades of the dresses. Roses add a classic touch to long gowns. Peonies are beautiful for summer weddings and make a simple yet elegant statement.

Use Jewelry to Tie the Look Together

Once you know what dresses your bridesmaids will wear on your big day, you can begin to accessorize with jewelry. Choose the same statement necklace and earrings for each bridesmaid. Simple jewelry can  accentuate the dress while not overpowering the look. You can even ask bridesmaids to coordinate their hairstyles in order to create more cohesion if needed.

Mix Prints and Solids

Florals are on point this wedding season. Flower designs are easy to tie in with solid color dresses. They add a level of dimension and design that can really pop in wedding photographs. While the look is non traditional, it does emit a girlish and vintage vibe.

Add Texture to the Wedding Party

Another option for creating variety is by having some dresses feature texture. Beading and three dimensional embellishments on dresses can make for an ultra-feminine look. This scheme works best with neutral hues such as champagne and blush.

Go With Black and White

If you are nervous about pulling off the mismatched look, go with black and white. It’s easy to coordinate and very classic. Since black and white is a basic color pattern, you can have fun with the patterns and styles you implement. Some brides that have pulled off this look opted for fit and flare dresses with similar necklines or details.