My little Boy is a Lovely Cowboy

Hey dear moms, I called my post: My little boy is a Lovely Cowboy! I have been inspired by my son and his crazy desires to wear hat every single day! And these pictures below are the real indicator with what actually I’m dealing in the real life. It is a funny story, I feel like I’m living in Texas – believe me! I love my sweetheart so much because he already knows to tell me what he want to wear and what he doesn’t! The cowboy hats are so cute and I’m planing to buy a whole costume for the next carnival. It is a perfect mask for your kids too! You can find it in the nearest mask store or search the net! Surprise your child with a mask like this, it is not too expensive and it you won’t need to apply any makeup. You can buy only a hay or hat and boots and that’s it! You have your own lovely cowboy at home! Enjoy in the gallery and stay up to date with the contents of Fashion Diva Design!

Lovely Cowboys

cowboy (4)

The Hat is the must have

cowboy (5)

Baby Boy Mask

cowboy (6)

Gorgeous Mask for Your Son

cowboy (7)

Amazing mask for brothers
cowboy (9)

Only Hat Can Make a Statement

cowboy (1)

Cute Baby boy

cowboy (2)

Perfect Carnival’s Mask

cowboy (3)