Is My Wardrobe Ready for a Fur Coat? 6 Tips Before Buying a Coat

The fur coat has long had the image of being luxurious and out of reach for the regular wardrobe. After all, a fur coat might be difficult to pair with your everyday outfit! Thankfully, manufacturers have created fur coats in more accessible and updated styles so that they can be paired more easily with your regular wear.

From stylish reversible fur coats to comfortable plus size fur coats, there is a multitude of different coat styles, colors, lengths, and sizes that you can choose from. If you’re wondering how you can integrate a fur coat into your wardrobe, here are some tips that you can keep in mind.

1.      The more occasions, the better

When most people think of wearing a fur coat, they generally picture themselves huddled inside a huge fluffy coat, protected from a blizzard. While there are still fur coat styles that are more suited to provide protection against extremely cold weather or attending formal events, you can now find styles that can be adapted to various occasions. Fur coats can come in men’s and women’s styles. Men’s styles can include bomber jackets and sports coats, while women’s come in a wider range of styles from the cape, to swing, to quilted parkas. They can also come in various lengths, from short car coats to ultra-luxurious double-breasted trench coats.

The key here is finding a fur coat that you can wear on more than one occasion. One popular choice is the chic quilted jacket with sleeves. It can be used for both casual and semi-formal wear, and from mild to mid-cool weather.  

2.      Get something that fits you NOW

Many people fall into the temptation of purchasing an item of clothing that doesn’t necessarily fit them now, but they hope can fit them in the future. Unless you’re actively doing something to change your body shape, chances are that particular piece of clothing will just sit in your closet for a long period of time.

With fur coats, you want to be able to wear it immediately because it offers both protection from the elements as well as style. If left unused for long periods of time, fur coats tend to crack and even start to smell unpleasant, especially if you do not store it properly.

3.      Get something that fits your personal style – not someone else’s

Another reason that people purchase items of clothing that don’t fit their style well is that it looks great… on someone else. It could also be that’s it’s trendy, or it’s just a whim.

Fur coats tend to have styles that flatter a certain body type and look awkward on others. A plush and luxurious double-breasted trench, for example, works best for tall people because it tends to look frumpy for shorter people.

4.      Bargains don’t always work well with fur coats

              Fur coats have always been an investment, even if you purchase one second hand. A brand-new fur coat can easily cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the brand, style, and type of fur. Beware of bargain fur coats! They could be counterfeit, or they could be refurbished to look like new. Always purchase your fur coats from a reputable seller.

5.      Buy one, get rid of one

Considering the space and cost investment of a fur coat, you might want to consider adopting the “one in, one out” rule. This means that for every piece of clothing that you’re going to buy, you would need to remove one from your closet. You can sell it or donate it to charity.

With fur coats, it can be tempting to purchase multiple coats because of their stylish and gorgeous appearance, not to mention that sheer indulgence of owning something so luxurious. However, as mentioned above, fur coats must be used on a regular basis, otherwise they tend to crack and smell.

6.      Invest in what you have

The main rule when it comes to fur coats is that you should always be prepared to spend more on owning a fur coat, rather just initially buying one. Aside from the hefty cost of purchasing a fur coat to begin with, you also need to worry about the proper storage and maintenance of a high-end fur coat. If you have sheared fur coats, you might be able to keep it properly stored in your own closet as long as you make sure that you maintain the proper temperature and humidity, but if you have a full-length natural coat, you should consider getting it professionally stored.