How To Style Platform Shoes

Platform shoes are simply one of the best ways for a woman to add a few inches, while also remaining sexy. They also allow for additional comfort that high heeled shoes cannot provide. Since they are versatile and comfortable, this type of footwear is a common choice for women everywhere. There are also a number of ways for you to save money on your platform purchases with the usage of Overstock deals.

But what are the best ways to style platform shoes? Read on in order to learn more.

Get Your Summer On!

We all like to try out new things during the summer months. The weather does not always cooperate, however, so you’ll need help when it comes to making them stylish. Use lots of floral prints and lighter colors (especially white), as they will give you a summery look and also allow you to beat the heat.

Brightly colored shoes will make your outfit more interesting and you can enjoy the extra inches that platform shoes can provide. The summer season is a time for confident struts and platform shoes that are not too narrow at the soles make for much easier summer strolls.

Make Your Outfits Sporty

Platform sneakers are one of the newest trends and they are a great choice for the times when you do not wish to leave the sanctity of your air conditioned home or office. When you want to look cute, but also remain comfortable, this new craze cannot be beaten.

They are now a must have in all closets everywhere and work best when worn alongside of a chic skirt and a shirt that is more casual and sporty, yet still feminine.

What About The Office?

For those who must dress to impress on the job, platform shoes are a great way to stand out in the office. A pair of baggier white pants, worn in conjunction with a more masculine style of blazer, will look great with your platform shoes.

This is especially true for offices that allow their employees to experiment a bit more with their wardrobe. You do not have to conform to the norms at all times and this choice definitely allows you to turn quite a few heads.

Party Time!

Getting dressed for a party does not have to be a painstaking endeavor, as you can add a pair of platform shoes to a number of different outfits and still remain the belle of the ball.

Silkier dresses with prints work best with platform shoes, as do royal blue dresses. The patterned platform shoes enable a woman to create an interesting contrast. What’s more, they draw attention to a woman’s feet in a positive manner. A one shoulder dress can also help to make you look even taller.