How To Recognize Bad Quality Clothing

Don’t want to spend your money on low quality clothing anymore? Don’t know how to tell if an item is high or poor quality? Spending lot of money on one garment won’t guarantee that you will get high quality. Trends change quickly, so not much will be invested in quality. You have to know a few things before you go shopping. We have rounded up some of the most important tips for you. Once you read them, you won’t make this costly mistake anymore. So, let’s get started!


Transparent Fabric

The first sign that will help you identify a bad quality garment is the fabric. Just put it to the light and observe. If you can see through the fabric, it means that it was poorly made. However, this doesn’t apply to clothing that is purposely made to be transparent. A good example for that are sheer shirts.


Pilling is formed during everyday use, as a result of rubbing. A good quality garment won’t have pills after a few wears. You can always remove them with a razor. But, keep in mind that they are a sign of poor quality.


Too Light Denim

Jeans are a wardrobe staple. Everyone should own at least one pair of good quality jeans. But, keep in mind that not every pair that you will see in the shops is the real thing.  Good quality genuine denim is a heavy fabric. If the jeans that you are trying are too lightweight, then they are not good.

Losing Shape


Good quality clothes are designed to keep their shape. If the clothes get loose and lose their shape after a few wears, this means that you have spent your money on a cheap item.


This is a very common problem with patterned clothing. The pattern should match at the seams. If it doesn’t, then you have a cheap piece of clothing in your hands. No matter how much you payed for it.


Pack Of Extra Buttons

Have you noticed that some garments have extra buttons, packed in a small plastic bag? This means that you have a high quality piece in your hands. It is included so that you can make additional repairs. Cheap garments won’t include any extra buttons.