How to Make Your Wardrobe Timeless and Long Lasting

Seasonal wardrobe changes have long led to waste in our culture, with increasing amounts of cheap fashion being dumped into landfills. As society has begun to place a greater focus on protecting the environment, the wardrobe that changed with the seasons, or even micro-seasons, is evolving into a capsule wardrobe.

While not all of the pieces in your wardrobe will transition based on the season, there are several key pieces and accessories that can be interchangeable. The key to selecting these pieces is focusing on high-quality garments and accessories that are investment pieces. These selections will last longer, tend to be more timeless, and can be worn or adapted to year-round wear.

Why Choose High Quality Material?

Nearly 70% of the clothing that is produced today is made from synthetic material. While synthetic materials have good elasticity, aren’t prone to excessive wrinkling, can be strong, and are less expensive, they are also non-biodegradable. This is in addition to synthetic material being more prone to pilling and being a high maintenance material. 

When you invest in clothing that is higher quality, the fabrics tend to be softer, more breathable, more comfortable, longer lasting, less toxic, hypoallergenic, sustainable, and ultimately more cost-effective than the alternative. 

In order to select this higher quality of material, make sure the clothing you are selecting is 20% or less synthetic material. While the closer the material is to a natural fiber, the better, this has become increasingly more difficult to find. 

The material you should be looking for when investing in your clothing includes high quality cotton, wool, silk, linen, and cashmere. Clothing that claims to be permanent press, wrinkle resistant, and stain resistant is typically treated with more chemicals that can be harmful.

Timeless Wardrobe Pieces

  1. Denim 

Denim has long been a staple in every wardrobe, from pants to jackets to skirts. Remember, the more stretchy the denim, the less natural fibers that it has. This is why when you invest in denim, a good fit is essential. 

  1. Luxury Bag

A luxury bag is always an investment piece, and has the ability to elevate and add class and style to any outfit. From a cross body bag to a flap bag, a purse helps to finish off any outfit while also adding practicality. 

  1. White Top 

A white top, whether it is a t-shirt or button down, is a universal staple. A white top can dress down or up any style or outfit. While this wardrobe staple doesn’t have to be the statement piece, it is a good foundational piece for any outfit. 

  1. Little Black Dress

This is a truly timeless piece that can be utilized for any occasion, event, or party. There is a reason why women prefer the timeless look of the LBD. The perfect one can be very flattering and be a go-to piece that easily transitions for other needs. 


By taking into consideration the quality of the fabric and the pieces that you include in your wardrobe, you can help reduce clothing waste that has plagued our environment for years. 

Quality pieces can act as the foundation of a good wardrobe. When you focus on fabric, quality, and timeless selections, these pieces will last you for years to come, significantly reducing not only waste, but positively impacting your pocket book as well.