How Brands Matter in Choosing Makeup

Like most products available on the market, several makeup items carry the name of various brands like neutrogena 洗面 during promotion and sales. This allows companies the chance to differentiate themselves from other competitors while also selling a certain image to a group of consumers. For certain companies, branding is everything especially when a celebrity’s face attached to the product line which can make or break sales records.

On the other hand, branding isn’t always seen as a priority. For people who are looking to stock up on staples or add-ons like brushes, nail polish, men’s face wash and tinted lip balms, name-brand items aren’t seen as a primary concern since it focus more on quality at an affordable price. These small companies or drug-store alternatives provide budget-friendly options while also providing the same quality with big-name brands.


However, we should also remember that not all makeup is made the same. While there are some drug store items that offer affordable and high-quality finishes, other items may cause unwanted side effects which can affect a person’s skin.

Regardless of how you choose your makeup, there are certain instances when brand really does matter. Here are some scenarios:

When Choosing Certain Makeup Products

When it comes to selecting certain makeup products, high-quality makeup brands are costlier than drug stores in more ways than one. Certain products with premium ingredients and formulas are guaranteed to achieve a more effective finish; some of which include foundations, concealers, and blush palettes.


For foundations, this product requires full-coverage application which means it might be a smarter choice to invest in items that hydrate and smoothen your skin tone. Many big name beauty products are more selective when it comes to choosing their key ingredients and often use gentler formulas to prevent any unwanted side effects while lasting a long time. Cheaper foundations, on the other hand, tend to compromise on quality by using harsh chemicals which can lead to allergies and other side effects.

Another makeup product that needs premium ingredients for a better finish are concealers. Cheap concealers using poor quality ingredients lead to caking and difficulty in blending with other makeup products which can affect your pores. To avoid these instances, try spending a few extra dollars on quality concealers since they usually lasts between 1-2 years.

Blush is another item that also has a long shelf life between 1-2 years. Since it relatively lasts longer, people shouldn’t need to compromise quality when picking for a certain shade since pigmented products in high-quality formulas provides a more vibrant and natural looking tone.

While there are some makeup products you can save a few dollars for, investing in items that directly touches your skin are usually the ones that you have to take a closer look into. Eyeliners, eyeshadows, eyebrow tints, and lip tints only focus on specific features while highlighters, powders, and primers cover more areas. Before making a big purchase, always do a patch skin test to see how it feels.

When You Have Health Concerns

Brand matters when it comes to various health concerns. If you are allergic to certain chemicals, require non-comedogenic makeup, and have super sensitive skin, you may want to invest in items that contain gentler formulas to help cater to your needs. For better product recommendations, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist first before making any big purchases.


When Choosing a Cause

Several makeup brands label themselves as cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, hypoallergenic, organic, and all other identifiers that help conscious shoppers make a decision. Since there are certain consumer bases that require greener and more ethical products, many companies make the conscious effort of catering to their needs by meeting these standards. While some of these brands cost more than the average makeup product, they make up for it by boosting their reputation among satisfied customers. If you are the type who are against animal-testing, prefer organic ingredients, and other special tags, investing in a slightly costly but more effective makeup brand may be better for you in the long run.

Additionally, certain makeup brands also support various charities and organizations by donating a portion of their sales. If you are looking for ways to support a cause you believe in while looking fabulous, investing in certain makeup brands is definitely something you should do.

While several of us are either on the fence of whether or not a brand is equivalent to quality or not, one cannot argue that purchasing a product from a certain makeup brand is a reflection of a person’s taste levels and sometimes even personal values. When it comes to picking the right brand for you, always do your research about the company, read ingredients carefully, read product reviews, and also seek advice from your dermatologist.