Footwear for People Who Walk on Their Heels

There are a few people in the world who walk on their heels. It might feel funny when you think of something like that, but these people walk so normally that the act doesn’t look funny at all. While these people are naturally inclined to walking like that, things become simpler for them because there are shoes available in the market that they feel comfortable in.

Certain companies like Zelen Shoes are considerate enough to make footwear for people who have flat feet, walk on their heels, or need some kind of support. For those who walk on heels, walking in high arch shoes is extremely comfortable. The thing that you must be careful about is that not all high arch footwear will feel comfortable on your feet.  Therefore, you must try on a pair before you buy one.

Everyone walks differently. While some walk on the heels some walk in a manner that most of their body weight falls on their toes. There are certain kinds of footwear available in the market, which allow someone who walks on their heels to feel comfortable in them. But, before you buy boots that help with the process, enclosed are some tips that will aid in determining whether you walk on your heels or not.


Tip 1:   Check the heel of the boots: and see is there are marks of uneven wear. Certain people stress on their heels while walking, are in a habit of dragging their feet. However, this is something that they don’t realize. They can only make it out because of the sound of their footsteps.

Tip 2: The Insole of the Boots: One look at the insole and you’ll understand that you walk on your heels. If one end of your shoe is crimpled or crushed, it’s evident that you stress on your heels.

Tip 3:   Ask a Friend: If you are unable to figure your walking style yourself ask someone to help you with the same. You can ask a friend to follow you and watch you walking. You can also suggest them to record a video of you walking. The video will make it simpler for you to understand how you walk.

These are some of the ways in which you can determine the help that you might require from your footwear like dr martens shoe vancouver. If you do stress on the back of your foot while walking, resort to the following measures:

  1. Buy A Comfortable Pair:  Instead of running after fashionable boots, buy something that is easy on your feet. Never purchase local footwear even if you are getting them cheap. There are certain brands in the market that make special shoes. But if you think that these will fall too heavy on your pocket, make sure that you at least buy a decent pair on sale.
  2. Measure Your Feet:  Do not purchase ill fitting sneakers or sandals. Sometimes those who stress on their heels while walking do so only because they have purchased a pair that is smaller than their original shoe size. When you buy a pair that fits well, you don’t need to crunch up your toes and stride awkwardly.
  3. Opt for Orthotics Inserts: For the sake of your feet, get inserts that your podiatrist recommends. While these can be costly, your insurance company might reimburse you the cost for one or two pairs per year.

In a nutshell, comfort should be your first priority. Do not go after silly styles that do not fit well. Take care of your feet and make sure you give them the best fitting pair to walk in.