Five Must-Have Fashion Accessories for Summer

After waiting for one whole year, the summer has finally returned and oh, boy! Are we in for a real treat this season! Apart from the obvious trends, like statement skirts and 70s-inspired khaki creations, here are five must-have accessories that’ll give your look a definite high fashion feel.

Crop top

They were a staple earlier this year, and fashion’s obsession with crop tops shows no signs of slowing down.

Totally versatile, these little beauties come in all sorts of colors, styles and prints, so they can really make your outfit pop, or stay hidden under a few layers for ultimate comfort. The great thing about crop tops still being hot is that you get to save money by transferring this key piece from your spring to your summer wardrobe!



While it will be hot out there, every woman needs a good, lightweight and reliable summer jacket this season.

A jacket will not only protect you if it gets a little colder, you can rock all sorts of tried-and-tested styles, from the old favorite, the denim jacket, to a flattering trench coat, to the absolute luxury of a Barbour branded jacket from a Barbour outlet.

Remember, the right coat can really bring your outfit to life.


Gladiator sandals

Here’s the thing about Gladiator sandals; they look good, they feel good and they are just so darn edgy that we just can’t get enough of them.

Think bold, bright straps, ties and a hint of sparkle for your feet this season, whether you’re going to a wedding, or simply walking to the store to buy some groceries, make sure that your feet stand out.

Luxe tote bag

Bags are a wardrobe essential at any time of the year, but when the summer rolls around, you don’t just need to dress to impress, you need to have a bag that will kickstart a conversation.

Luxe tote bags aren’t just beautiful, they’re also incredibly useful; you can fit your entire life in one, which makes them the perfect vacation accessory too!

Statement jewelry

If you don’t want to wear bright colors or prints, then keep your clothes simple and go to town on the jewelry.

Large, brightly colored statement necklaces, stacks of bracelets, anklets, cocktail rings and hair accessories, like hair bands and even flower crowns will looks just great in the summer sun.

As always, thanks for reading! These five items are real must-have pieces for your wardrobe this season, but if you feel we’ve missed something out, let us know in the comments below!


Images by Maegan TintariStacie and Girls in Hunter Boots used under the Creative Commons License.