Don’t Overlook Your Mudroom

The mudroom is often overlooked when it comes to renovating and redecorating a home. The mudroom is a small, casual room or space that often is inside a secondary entrance. It is where jackets, shoes, and other outdoor gear is often removed before continuing on to the rest of the house. It also often serves a storage and is immensely beneficial in keeping the rest of the house clean. The name mudroomitself might encourage someone to overlook the room, and the fact that they tend to be smaller spaces adds to this effect. Some places might not even have proper mudrooms but for those that do, it can often be the first impression of you home. Having one which is efficient, clean, and suited to the rest of the house can be a great investment. There are a couple mudroom suggestions and must-haves for homeowners looking into re-doing their mudrooms.


A good rule of thumb for homeowners is that there is no such thing as too much storage. While that is a good place to start, it is a little unrealistic for most of the population. So plan for the storage space that you think you need, plus an extra third of that because chances are good that youll end up needing it. Mudrooms are a great place to capitalize on the storage potential. You can install shelving and cupboards along the walls to maximize the potential. Of course each home is a unique place with their own set of needs, this is especially the case if there are children in the house. They automatically require additional space and different needs. It is important to keep this in mind when moving forward. Cubbies and hooks are fun alternatives for storage and organization if kids are in the mix.


Some mudrooms are more limited in space than others, this just goes with the territory, but seating is essential for making these rooms effective spaces. If there is enough space in the room, most decorators would recommend placing hallway and entrance furniture like a bench in the mudroom. It makes putting on and taking off shoes a lot easier while also allowing more than one individuals to use it at the same time. This will get everyone out the door a lot easier. They also offer an opportunity for storage. There is a wide variety of storage benches for your home, including deacons benches (the seat can be opened like a trap-door to a compartment underneath) or have mounted benches which shoes can be stored under. If space does not allow for a bench, a chair or stool is recommended at the very least.

Incorporate Your Style

One of the most important things to remember when re-doing any room is the fact that this is your home, and every room should reflect this. Being on a budget does not change this, it just means that you will have to be more creative in how you go about decorating the mudroom. Its best to put in the extra effort to do this because if you dont end up liking the space you’re going to want to re-do it sooner, and spend more money in the long run. So think about the styles that you like. It can be anything from rustic or vintage to minimalist and modern. Do what is best for your home and something that you like.

What’s the Plan

When youre redoing the room be aware of what is possible to do with the space while also of what youre going to want people to do. For example, do you want the mudroom to be a place people kick off their shoes quickly before moving into the rest of the house or would you rather them take everything off and get settled before entering the next room. Plan the space accordingly with the proper seating and closet space.

In houses mudrooms often double as the laundry room as well. This often means that the room is bigger, but it requires more planning and storage for all of the items that go along with laundry. Think about the work flow for these cases as well, making sure that everything is easily accessible. Its tempting to shove everything into a corner to maximize space potential without thinking about how things will actually play out. Be methodical when doing this.

In Condos

Mudrooms are significantly smaller in condos, but equally as important. They tend to be corridor style in these cases, meaning that they are passes in a hallway before reaching the rest of the condo. Since condos are often challenged for space in the first place, their mudroomsstorage becomes more important. People with condos should look at all the options available for shelving with hooks attached below, deacon benches, or even cubbies that can double as seating. The options are more limited but there is still plenty available especially when it comes to online furniture. Look at’s FCA Collection as a place to start. There are a number of other unique and creative options available if you do a little bit of research or even dream something up yourself.

In Conclusion About Mudrooms

These are important rooms because they allow people to feel like they are being greeted by a home and gives them a clear place to leave their shoes and jackets. Without a mudroom at the entrance people get confused and leave their shoes on when walking through the rest of the house or throw their coat where it might get dirty. Mudrooms are effective at directing people when they enter your home without even having to say a word. They also give you the chance to make a good first impression and welcome guests into the house or condo. On top of all of these benefits, they are a great way to add some storage and keep your home clean. So dont overlook mudrooms when re-decorating the house. They deserve just as much love as any other room because of all the things that they offer.