Crystal Clutch Handbag – DIY

What you will need to make crystal clutch handbag:
1. Small zip clutch (I used Magenta)
2. 9 chandelier crystals (I used 3.25″ blue prism crystals)
3. Handful of preset rhinestones
4. Glitter (I used Martha Stewart Amethyst)
5. Mod Podge
6. E6000
7. Painter’s tape
8. Plastic container
9. Toothpick

Start by pouring Mod Podge into a plastic container. Then pour about the same amount of glitter into the same container. I like to use a 1:1 ratio. Mixing glitter with Mod Podge prevents the glitter from flaking and falling off.
Mix the glitter mixture. If you want to keep the backside plain, use painter’s tape to tape off one side of the clutch. Be sure to get the tape into all the nooks and crannies.
Apply a generous layer of glitter to the front side. Allow to dry completely before adding a second layer.
Wait until the Mod Podge dries completely clear before applying the crystals. Squeeze a dollop of glue either directly along the backside of the chandelier crystals or use a toothpick for a better application.
Arrange the crystals in a row, fanning them out from the center. Apply the larger pre-set crystals above the pattern.
Add any additional accoutrements to the clutch and allow to dry for at least 24 hours.