Coolest Hairstyle Trends to Try in the Spring of 2018

Spring is here and if you are in search of a change, freshening up your hairstyle is exactly the thing to do. The great news is that this year the trend for natural-looking styles continues. This means that you can get a cut that won’t require much styling, which makes you locks healthier. That’s also the way to go if you want to color your locks, which is also a trend in 2018. Less styling, more natural beauty, and more boldness in showing off your personality, these are the hairstyle trends for this spring.

Hairstyle Trends 2018: Look beautiful Effortlessly

Stop straightening those curls

Messy natural curls are one of the ‘hottest’ things this season. All kinds of curls are welcome, from an unruly afro to modest waves that appear when you brush out your curls. Perfect ringlets aren’t a necessity to look stylish anymore. On the contrary, a little bit of a frizz and unevenness of the curl are what makes this hairstyle so charming.

If you are the lucky owner of curled locks, embracing this trend will be the best choice for the health of your hair. As the natural structure of curls makes them highly susceptible to damage during styling. Learning to love and appreciate your natural style is also great for the soul. And you can get plenty of change by trying out different cuts.

Get back to blonde

Being blonde is as trendy as ever. In fact, it’s even trendier this spring as the runways seem to be filled with all shades of blondes. Celebrities are supporting this trend as well, but they seem to be most fond of platinum hues.

Bleaching your hair means you’ll need to use top-quality haircare products designed for it. They will help restore your locks after the procedure and keep the color vivid for as long as possible. Honey blondes and other golden-hues can use regular products for colored hair. However, if you dye your locks into platinum or silvery shades, you’ll need to use purple shampoo. The pigment in it prevents bleached tresses from yellowing.

‘Just out of the shower’ look is sexy

One of the most surprising hairstyle trends for spring 2018 is the ‘wet hair’ look. It definitely isn’t new, but this particular style has never been an actual mainstream. Now, things have changed and you can see various takes on this style at multiple shows. Christopher Kane, Preen, Blumarine, Prabal Gurung, and Alexander McQueen are the most notable so far.

This style fits in with the overall trend for focusing on the beauty of natural states. Also, looking like you just got out of the shower, paired with a ‘barely there’ makeup and some lip gloss results in a particularly sexy image.

Scrunchies are back

You heard that right. Mansur Gavrivel brought them back and showed the world that this well-loved but underappreciated hair accessory can be stylish. The scrunchies of today look best when matching the outfit’s fabric. However, going for some crazy multicolored pieces is also game.

This trend fits well with the growing (more like unending) popularity of ponytails. The stylists of 2018 have models showing off all types of ponytails on runways, so feel free to experiment with this simple but so comfy style.

Bobs with fringes are taking over

Adding a fringe to a bob haircut seems like blasphemy, right? Well, the hairstyle trends for spring 2018 definitely disagree. The most surprising fact about this piece of news is that this look actually works nearly for everyone.

The bob has been known as a ‘feminist’s ultimate hairstyle’. This might not be true as there are many feminists with different styles. However, one thing is true, and it’s a fact that bob is extremely flattering to many. It’s also easy to style and care for. Adding the fringe freshens up the look and makes it work for a variety of face shapes.