What Car Goes With Your Favorite Handbag?


So you’re getting ready for that big date or the party or the gala event Friday night, but there’s one problem: Your car doesn’t match your handbag!

Now you could go ahead and buy a handbag to match your car, but then you’re going to wind up taking any old handbag you can get your hands on just because it’s the right color. How tacky! Better yet: Buy a new car to match the bag! Here are a few tips to match a car with your bag!

Vintage for Vintage

Here’s a choice that’s so obvious it hardly bears mentioning, but we have a word count to meet so we’re going to mention it: If you’re going vintage, match year to year. If you show up with a 1989 Gucci bag in a 1978 Impala, the only question on people’s minds will not be “Where did she get that handbag?!” but “What does she expect us to think she’s a time traveler or something?” Don’t embarrass yourself! Do your research, and spend that extra five, ten, twenty thousand dollars to make the night truly special by using tips for buying a new car that came out the same year as your handbag!

Bring a Photo

You don’t want to risk your favorite handbag getting damaged! When you hit the car lot, make sure to bring a photo on your phone rather than bringing the bag with you. Keep your handbag tucked away somewhere safely in order to keep it secure. The photo is vital. You don’t want to spend your life savings on a new car only to bring it home and find that it doesn’t match!

Invest in a Repainting

Maybe that car matches your bag in terms of style, class, elegance, but it’s the wrong color. Well, that’s what paint jobs are for! If you’re on a budget, instead of buying a brand new car for every bag, you can just take it to the shop for a $500 paint job every night!

Prioritize the Interior

Do not neglect the interior. What goes better with a $5,000 white leather handbag than white leather upholstery on your seats? Albino elephant hide. But if you don’t have access to any, white leather will do in a pinch.

Go With Your Gut

The car only has to make it to the occasion and back, so don’t worry too much about how it runs, just make sure that it looks and feels right when you sit in it with your favorite handbag. As long as it can run for a single evening, you can go ahead and junk your $60,000 ’72 Cadillac for sixty bucks to put towards a new handbag for your next big night out. Note: If you plan to throw your car away after the event, make sure to throw it in the dumpster clearly marked “Automotives.” You don’t want to spend six figures on a rare hand-builtĀ Italian car, or one of the four most expensive celebrity cars and then have a fifty dollar fine from the city to shell out for on top of that! What do they think you’re made out of money?

At the end of the day it comes down to personal choice. We can give you some tips and send you on your way, but ultimately the decision is between you, your accountant, and family members who keep telling you that you are burning through the family fortune like Chris Christie burns through bag after bag of M&M’s.