Why Do Brides Choose Converse For Their Weddings

Hey divas, my post for today is called “Why Do Brides Choose Converse For Their Weddings”. I don’t know what’s going on, but the brides are crazy about these fantastic shoes. Do we have the new bridal fashion trend?

We all dream about our wedding day and we all want to be fun, special, different and traditional at the same time. Some of the brides were wearing Converse for all life long and they just want to wear them on their wedding day. While others just want to escape from the glamour and sophistication and to feel free, comfortable and what is the most important part to enjoy on the dancing floor together with their guests. The majority of the brides choose to wear a pair of glamorous bridal heels first and when the party starts they put on their sneakers.

Do you want to be the exhausted, boring bride that everything she is doing is sitting on the chair and watching the guest having fun!? I think this is the main reason why the brides choose to wear this type of shoes!  I must say that the wedding photos look lovely too. There are a lot of funny photos ideas that will make your wedding day memorable.

You can customize your sneakers online, you have an opportunity to choose a pair in the color you want and also you can add a quote. Pick the one you love and enjoy on your wedding day! Although they are casual, they are an awesome choice! Don’t forget to stay up to date with the contents of Fashion Diva Design!

Brides and Converse

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