Benefits and Harms of Having a Bichectomy

Being able to have more beautiful facial features and a more expressive smile is something that everyone wants. On the other hand, facial features may not always allow this. In such cases, different aesthetic treatments are used to make the facial features sharper and to obtain a more beautiful appearance. Bichectomy surgery is one of the aesthetic facial procedures. With this method, also called jaw surgery, the facial features are made more proportional.

Bichectomy is among the surgical procedures that are considered harmless. Although there are some risks, it is very difficult to talk about any harm. The benefits are more than one. Since no filling material is used during bichectomy, a smoother appearance is provided. No hospitalization is required for this operation. The process is completed in a short time and the person can return to his/her life. In addition, since there is no incision on the skin surface, an external negative appearance does not occur.

How is Bichectomy Done?

Before bichectomy, a thorough oral cleaning is required. Since an incision will be made on the inner cheek, there may be a risk of infection if the mouth is not clean. First, local anaesthesia is applied to the person. When numbness is achieved, the fat bags on the inner cheek are intervened with small incisions. The fat bags are taken out with small incisions thrown on both sides. Then the incisions are sewn. Finally, the process is completed with a compressive bandage. All this is completed in approximately 30 minutes to 45 minutes. 

Risks of Having a Bichectomy

Bichectomy does not have any health threatening aspects. However, as with any surgical procedure, some risks can be mentioned. Bichectomy risks can be listed as follows:

• Infection

• Limitation of mouth opening

• Salivary gland damages

• Swelling and sensation of numbness

• Late healing of incisions

• The body’s reaction to anaesthesia

Things to Consider Before and After Bichectomy

Although it is an easy procedure, there are some points to be considered before and after bichectomy. At least a week before the operation, aspirin and other blood thinners should be stopped. Otherwise, it may be difficult to stop the bleeding. Also, it is recommended that the person stop using alcohol and smoking 1 week in advance. The person should inform the physician about all the medications s/he uses and the allergies s/he knows.

After bichectomy, people usually recover within 14 days. In this process, it is advisable to avoid foods that are harsh and can irritate the mouth. Also, staying in sunlight for a long time will not be good during the healing process. If the person controls herself/himself during the healing process and sees signs of infection, it is also important to consult the physician who perform the operation .

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