A Woman’s Guide To Footwear for Different Events

Are you shopping for an upcoming special occasion? Is there a job interview coming? A wedding? Are you a teenager looking to amaze everyone at prom? Whatever event is coming up, your apparel choice has the power to leave a lasting impression. And a woman in love with fashion knows that her outfit is half-done without matching footwear. However, with so many footwear options out there, confusion is conventional. To sum it all up, we think a woman looks to satisfy these two requirements.

# 1- a sturdy, trendy, and comfortable pair.

# 2- a pair that matches the occasion. 

Of course, the style and trend have a fair share in the pick but comfort moves over everything else. Moreover, a flat or heel suitable for one situation may not be appropriate for another. There is no specific set of rules for deciding shoes for various events. But some tips can help decide the right footwear for your upcoming occasions without jeopardizing style as well as comfort.


Flat Sandals & Loafers: Flats vs. heels battle has been going on for ages now and there’s no end to it. We have witnessed people completely sidelining ladies flat sandals for big occasions. Maybe it’s time you change your opinion about these colorful, striped footwear. Flat sandals and loafers fall among the best options for an outing with friends. Summer is the time of light color outfits and flat sandals or loafers keep you comfy without killing the look. If you are a college student, there’s no better place to be stylish with flat sandals. 

Bridal flats: Ask those who embraced flats as their wedding shoes. Bridal flats such as ballerina, ivory, etc. have become widely popular in weddings. You can rock a number of designs and colors that can give you a touch of vibrancy.


Wedge Heels: One of the most popular heel types, wedge heels offer you style without compromising the comfort, something not common in heels. Wedge heels are mostly preferred by girls who love the height as well as comfort. Wedge heels fit perfectly for occasions such as dinner or brunch. They also go excellent with sporty outfits. This is one rare shoe type for women that can be flawless with any outfit. 

Stiletto Heels: Some call it the most well-known heel form and some call it the sexiest ones. The sharp, long heels tend to go best with one-pieces and party wear. You can attend a formal party with these but those without a habit of wearing them can develop a foot-ache since you need to be careful with them at the beginning.

Kitten Heels: Are you among those who can’t fathom walking in high heels for long hours? Then you can shift to something in between the heels and flats. The cute-looking kitten heels are small, comfortable, and most importantly perfect for casual outings as well as office.

Platform Heels: Known for its small but sturdy platform, these heels serve you an extra life due to a strong and supported sole section. The top and the bottom of these heels have a very less difference in-between making them a more comfortable wear. Fitted suits and classy dresses can be the ideal choice with platform heels.

Bridal Heels

Ankle Straps: A tall stance of the bride is always admired in weddings but high-heels can be discomforting to many. What if there’s an option to get those high heels without much foot pressure? Ankle strap heels can satisfy both the conditions without sacrificing style. Varying colors of these bridal heels can go with anything from a beautiful wedding dress to a pair of denim and dress shirt. 


Contrary to popular belief, you can wear boots in any weather, let alone winter. Knee-length boots or long boots look stylish in a casual smart appearance. These funky ankle boots can go perfectly with a pair of jeans and other funky accessories. 

Occasion Specific Footwear

Office Meetings

Office meetings are always crucial in terms of everything from conversation to personality. But if you are lost in what heel height would be ideal for it and whatnot, then stop. Be it a flat, a high-heel, or a mid-length, it depends more on your preference and less on the meeting type. What essential is that you pick a formal shoe. Casual sandals would turn out to be a very bad choice for formal meetings.

We suggest you pick either a covered toe shoe with a strap or a nice pump to get a comfortable, formal fit in which you can spend the entire day without any tiredness. Both of them are ideal with trousers, skirts, and tube dresses.

Family Get-together

Honestly, we don’t think you should think much for a family get-together. You can equally think about style and comfort. Moreover, if you have something new, what better place to try it out than a family get-together. They will not only let you know their true opinion but will be there for you in case your choice turns out horrible. 

As far as choices are concerned, we think wedge heels, classic pumps, or comfortable sandals can be perfect for a family get-together. Your shoe selection also depends on what plans do you have with your family. Sneakers are perfect for running and walking.

Wedding Parties

Weddings are a place where everyone is a designer. It’s time to show your dressing skills and heels have the power to influence fashion minds since they add glamours as well as style to your attire. We won’t tell you what to wear at your wedding but apart from that, go for the tried and tested rule for wedding shoes. Sport what suits you the best. Try anything from high-heel pumps, strappy sandals, to pointed toe wedges, etc. Embrace them with confidence and you will look great.


Weather plays a vital role in your attire and the same goes for the footwear too. Even if its a family outing, you cannot rock airy summer footwear in the fall. Even if most of the formal events such as office meetings etc take place indoors, the weather still influences your footwear choice. In fall weather, you cannot risk keeping any part of your feet uncovered. We suggest women pumps since they have protection from both the front and sides to keep your feet safe from the weather. The same goes for ankle boots as they can cover the feet up to your ankle and keep you weather-ready. As far as the style front is concerned, the variety of colors and designs gives you the freedom to pick what you like.

Peep-toe wedges or closed-tow wedges, both come under ideal wear for fall since both cover a decent amount of feet. It all comes down to the design and the heel size. Even the wedding shoes should be chosen as per the weather first. Fall is also considered a great time to flaunt some new shoe trends. The same goes for airy wearables of the summer. There are numerous high heels for women on various occasions and different weather conditions. You can celebrate the style the way you want, independent of the trend, style, heel height, etc. It all comes down to your confidence. Wear everything with confidence and you will shine bright in it.

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