8 Tips for Surviving a Rainy Day on Campus

In college, you walk everywhere, even in inclement weather. With a day full of class and campus events, looking outside your tiny dorm window to see raindrops and puddles simply can’t keep you inside. But forget summoning an Uber—you can still walk everywhere you need to go when it’s raining cats and dogs, so long as you have the right rain gear. We all know we can’t simply cancel life when it’s gross outside, but it helps if you arm yourself with the right rainy day supplies to get you out and about. Here is your comprehensive guide to surviving a rainy day on campus so you don’t miss out on anything.

  • Carry a Portable Umbrella at all Times—Rain can be sporadic, and you don’t want to be dragging a clunky umbrella behind you when it’s sunny out. A small umbrella that will fit inside your backpack or tote bag is essential for walking from class to class. Oftentimes, classrooms will have buckets to put your umbrella in to contain the water, and it’s easy to forget which generic umbrella is yours. Choose a monogrammed umbrella or one with a funky pattern so that no one grabs yours by mistake after class.
  • Protect Your Belongings from Moisture—Every college student knows that your laptop and smartphone are like oxygen—you need it to survive. Water and electronics just don’t mix. Even the thought of being without your laptop for a few days during the semester is enough to make you never want it to rain again. Tote bags are super cute for a nice, sunny day, but you need something that zips or snaps together to be sure that your devices won’t get wet. Laptop bags can be annoying to carry around all day, so you might consider a laptop backpack instead. If you prefer tote bags over backpacks, pick a stylish purse that can hold your laptop. Always make sure that you resist the urge to pull your phone out when it’s pouring!
  • Make a Statement with Your Raincoat—One of the worst feelings is when you pick out an insanely cute outfit meant to wow, and you are forced to cover it up because of the rain. You can still express yourself and make a bold fashion statement while staying nice and dry. On rainy days, it’s all about the outerwear, and your secret weapon should always be a cute raincoat. Make sure to pick a fast-drying option so your jacket can dry out a bit while you’re in class.
  • Wear a Jacket with a Hood—Whether you curl, straighten, crimp, braid or dye your hair, direct contact with rain will leave your hair looking soaked and bedraggled. The frizziness when your hair initially dries is just the icing on the cake. To avoid all of this, find a rain jacket with a thick, water-resistant hood to protect your hair from the elements. A hooded jacket is also good for when it’s not raining too hard, so you leave the umbrella at home. You can make sure your hair is still protected from the drizzle, even when it seems like bringing an umbrella along would be overkill.

  • Pull on Your Rain Boots—This might just be the most important step in making a rainy day successful. Once your feet get wet, it’s over. Everyone knows that gross feeling when the water seeps through your shoes and socks and makes your whole body cold. You might as well just pack it in for the day at that point because wet feet bring all-day misery. Do not leave home without a good pair of rain boots on your feet for your long walks through campus!
  • Put on Some Waterproof Makeup…or Don’t—It’s hard enough to keep your makeup looking fresh all day, but the added rain makes it seem nearly impossible. There are two possible ways to handle this and neither of them include the dreaded runny mascara. You can use waterproof makeup, and then take it with you to touch it up throughout the day. Waterproof makeup will help your makeup stay in place despite the rain. Another option is to just go bare-faced. Rain is the perfect excuse to not wear any makeup, and you can be sure that none of your makeup will smudge or run.

  • Bring a Warm Drink—On those dreaded chilly, rainy days, you will want a warm drink to keep you from freezing and cheer you up. Pour your hot chocolate, morning coffee or herbal tea into a portable thermos or insulated water bottle. A good to-go bottle will keep your drink warm for up to 12 hours even in the bitter cold. Sipping on a warm drink all day will help you to forget about the miserable weather and will comfort you when you’re longing for those warm, sunny days on campus!  

Our final (but most important) tip? Embrace the rain! Now that you’re equipped with everything you need to survive a rainy day, the last thing to do is embrace the rain. Jump in the puddles, try to catch rain drops in your mouth, listen to the pitter-patter on your rooftop, show off your stylish rain gear and remember that the sun will come out tomorrow!