7 Ways to Spice Up Your Morning Tea or Coffee Routine

Like most people, your day probably starts off with an energy-boosting cup of tea or coffee to wake up and feel refreshed. But, day after day, after drinking the same grounds or leaves, you finally wake up and are ready for a change. What used to be a pleasant morning routine has become a mundane habit. 

So, why not reignite your senses and your taste buds with something new? If you find yourself getting bored, learn how to spice up your morning tea or coffee routine! Grab your favorite, fun coffee mugs and explore these seven tips: 

1. Switch Out Your Leaves and Beans

One of the many ways to spice up your morning tea or coffee routine is to simply switch brewers or styles. Even if you love your tried and true morning staple of French Roast or green tea, go out on a limb and switch things up! 

Today, coffee beans come from all over the globe, as does tea! Try out a custom blend from your local coffee shop in town or grab a new box of tea from a different brand at the health food store. There are countless varieties to explore! Often, you can find specialty tea houses or coffee roasters who will allow you to sample before buying a pound-size bag.  

2. Use a Decorative Sealed Container

Once you have chosen your leaves or beans, don’t just store the bag in the cabinet as is. Instead, transfer them to a sealed, air-tight container. That way, their guaranteed to stay fresher for far longer. It’s also wise to keep the container stored in a cool, dark, and dry place, preferably in a cabinet that is farthest away from the heat of appliances. 

And, while you’re at it, choose a container that is decorative so you can showcase it on your kitchen counter. It makes your morning tea or coffee routine more of a special ritual as you indulge in some morning self-care. 

3. Measure the Ounces Correctly

You always want to have the correct ratio of water to leaves or beans. One way to ensure the perfect brew is to get yourself a small kitchen scale that can measure the ounces and grams. 

It’s also worth noting that each brewing method and grind, as well as the style of tea, may require a different ratio. Your average drip coffee machine takes one tablespoon of ground coffee per cup. Counter Culture Coffee offers a great brewing ratio breakdown for French presses, pour-overs, and auto drips. When it comes to leaves,  check out Teatulia for a breakdown of tea styles to gram weight and volume. 

4. Choose the Right Grind

Teas don’t require a special grinding method, but, when it comes to coffee beans, finding the right grind is important. Even so, it really comes down to personal preference. 

Once you find a style of coffee you enjoy, consider whether you want an electric grinder or a burr grinder. An electric grinder can give you a powder-like fine ground for espressos, but, if you want a pour-over, French press, or cold brews, a burr grinder will work just as well. 

5. Try a New Brewing Method

If you use a standard drip coffee maker? Well … it’s time for a change. Sure, they’re convenient and fast, especially with a timer that can have your coffee brewing as you’re in the shower. But if you want the perfect cup or tea or coffee, it’s important to note that your brewing method goes a long way. In fact, you may find you prefer one more. 

For coffee, you have a French press, which offers a rich flavor, as does a stovetop espresso maker like the classic Bialetti brand. The Aeropress and moka pots make excellent coffee makers as well. For teas, it helps to have the water temperature just right. Otherwise, you could wind up with a bitter taste or weaker cup. 

For instance, white and green teas require a brew between 170 – 185 degrees Fahrenheit, when oolong should be 180 – 190 degrees. Black and herbal teas can reach 200 degrees. While these are extra steps, patience pays off when it comes to brewing coffee and tea. Plus, just like your coffee or tea canister sits out on proud display, so can your timeless French press or Midcentury Chemex.

6. Make Fancier Drinks At Home

If you prefer a touch of milk in your English style tea of coffee, pick up different sweeteners or creamers to elevate your homemade drinks. Explore with nut-based milks like almond milk or coconut milk. Or join the more recent craze of putting a thin slab of butter or ghee in your coffee. 

Certain sugars can enhance the flavor of your tea or coffee as well, such as Turbinado sugar, honey, or maple syrup. For coffee, drizzle some caramel, white chocolate, or pumpkin spice simple syrups over the frothy top. Lemons also add a nice touch to tea, offering a bright wake-me-up for the mornings. 

For the warmer summer days, make cold-brewed coffee or iced tea with coffee cubes, frozen the night before in the ice cube tray. 

7. Turn Your Morning Routine into an Evening Nightcap

One way to truly spice up your tea or coffee routine is to add a splash (or two!) of alcohol and have an evening nightcap. It’s a lovely way to unwind after a long day, instead of getting the day started. Add a bit of whiskey to make an Irish Whiskey coffee drink or to hot tea to create a soothing Hot Toddy. Just remember to make it decaf coffee or a caffeine-free tea.