7 Thinks You Can Do to Look Hot In Any Dress You Want

Hey divas, I called my post “7 Thinks You Can Do to Look Hot In Any Dress You Want”. You must consider a few tricks and tips that you should add to your fashion look and style. When important event is happening, it is normal to be nervous – but there is no time for panicking. Find your perfect dress and smile, so you will spread positive energy and you will show everyone that your confidence is on high level! Read my go-to tips and tricks to look hot in any dress you want!

  • Dress Rehearsal

One of the first things you should do is to stand up in front of the mirror and ensure yourself: That’s what I’ve always wanted. Ensure that you look and feel the best in the dress you have chosen and give yourself a preview. Dress rehearsal is must to do! Give yourself a few minutes to decide which shoes to wear and which accessories to add to make it a complete outfit. Choose your best heels to feel comfortable all of the time, and probably you should walk around a bit in your heels, if they are completely new.


A girl

  • Undergarments

The right undergarments can make all the difference in your final silhouette and how your dress fits you. So, the conclusion is that they are the key for all clothing and must have to look hot. Some dresses, tops or whatever needs special underwear. Make sure you made the right decision about this very important topic!



  • Pose y

You must be sure in which angles and poses your dress looks the best. This may sound silly, but if you want to get fantastic pictures, check out the angles! The natural smile is a key of a good photo. Take a few photos in front of the mirror and choose your best position to look hot on the photos you will take.





  • Heel Prep

Will you be standing a lot? Dancing? Heels can be uncomfortable after a while! So, choose the pair that adjusts your fit the best for the event you are preparing. Standing or not, you will feel comfortable, confident and beautiful!



  • Exfoliate

After shaving, apply your favorite exfoliating cream. You will feel completely refreshed and your skin will look shiner with a luscious glow. You never can be wrong with this one.



  • Bronze

Take a big brush, because bronzer isn’t just great for your cheekbones, but for your body, too!



  • Color Match

Maybe it is retro to match your eye shadow with your clothes, but this is a fun way to make your eyes pop and fit together perfectly with your outfit.


Golden Globes 2011 best dressed Anne Hathaway in Armani Privé

Follow these tips and tricks, smile, be yourself, and you will look hot in your dress.