7 Fashion Trends That Defined 2016

Another year is over, and most people are reflecting upon the many unfortunate events of 2016. However, for those of us who love the fashion industry, there were several changes to take note of here too. In today’s post, I’ll be looking back with a keen eye at some of the top fashion trends that made 2016 the memorable year that it was, and for all the right reasons.


  • A taste of the 90s


This has certainly been the year of throwbacks, as the fashion industry has been reinventing everything from the schoolgirl print to the 80s one-shoulder. However, it was the choker from the 90s that captured imaginations, and particularly towards the end of the year, these got bigger and bolder, made from every material you can think of.


  • Gender lines blurred


The fashion industry seemed to be a reflection of modern times in 2016, as there was a distinct androgyny associated with many collections seen on the runways. From the darker, looser male cuts used in layers for women, to the skinny jeans and feminine touch added to menswear, this was the year of blurred lines.


  • Suited and booted


Some of the most powerful pieces seen on the catwalk belonged to the power dressing women strutting along in suits of every shape. From over-sized pinstripe jackets to the velvet trousers that certainly make a statement, 2016 gave a new meaning to “workwear”.


  • Velvet vibes


Speaking of velvet, tailoring wasn’t the only space where we saw it take pride of place. From the bright and colourful shades of summer, to the sultry, seductive, darker tones of winter, velvet was in every collection from blouses to dresses. This chic and silky addition to your wardrobe is the epitome of luxury fashion.


  • Bowie footwear


After the death of superstar and music icon David Bowie, there seemed to be a little of his fashion sense creeping through the changing rooms across the country. Suddenly there were block heels everywhere, straight out of a classic Bowie music video. Whether paired with skinny jeans for a punk look, or with bootcut trousers for a 70s vibe, there are plenty of jean style guides to pick the pair to suit you.


  • Statement furs


Towards the end of 2016, fur took to the stage once more, but it was given a considerable re-vamp this year. Whacky patterns, vivid prints and stunning designs were on the catwalks, instead of the simple, colour-clock coats of the norm. Plus, over-sized scarfs and cross-body fur stoles offered a new take on staple winter accessories.


  • Being bold is best


Finally, the trend that summarises the entire year is that being bold is beautiful. From tribal prints, embellished statement handbags and raw gemstone jewellery, to the introduction of pink and yellow onto the Autumn catwalks, 2016 fashion was all about making every piece in your wardrobe count.

Are there any other fashion highlights you think I’ve missed out? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section…