6 Beauty Trends from Fall 2014 Fashion Week

The series of fall 2014 fashion shows got launched back in February this year, bringing a high dose of style and beauty inspiration, from cool outfit ideas and makeup styles to the best hair ideas for any woman. While an excellent detailed hair trend report for fall 2014 can be found on this website, below we present 6 of the best beauty trends from fall 2014 fashion week! Check them out and get your new style!


1. Highly Bejewelled Hair


The first amazing beauty trend for fall in our list is that of excessively bejeweled hairstyles, presented by Dolce & Gabbana. Interestingly, these hair accessories were perfectly matching the chunky necklace the model was wearing, creating an overly luxurious look ideal for special occasions. Surely this trend isn’t that wearable on the daily basis, but it can be a cool idea to opt for when you get ready for special nights out.



2. Perfect Blue Eye Makeup

Christian Dior’s show was marked with a high dose of chic and glamour, and it was the gorgeous glittery blue eye makeup that played a great role in this too. The models walked down the catwalk wearing geometric eye makeup all smudged in turquoise blue for a high impact. This is a great option especially for romantic dates with your beloved ones.



3. Criss-Crossed Ponytail for Dramatic Looks

No wonder, ponytails make a timeless beauty trend for women and they are also the favorite hair option of many guys that a girl can opt for. If you need new ways of styling a ponytail, ideal especially for special events, look to the fall 2014 fashion show of Fendi, where the front part of the hair came sleek and minimalistic, while the back part right above the pony was marked with a curious criss-crossed design. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?



4. Ghost-Like Makeup Looks

Alexander McQueen is the name highly associated with extravagant looks, and this is true of makeup options spotted during the designer’s fashion shows too. Thus, the fall 2014 shows brought an interesting ghost-like makeup trend, wearing which you may need lots of self-confidence and boldness.



5. Eye-Catching Lashes Are the Way To Go!

As we noted it at Gucci, maximum visible long and bushy eyelashes are having a real moment this fall! Quite resembling Twiggy’s style, false lashes were used not only by Gucci makeup artists, but also at the shows of Rochas, Saint Laurent and many others.



6. The Berry Kiss!

Last but not least, the next outstanding beauty trend in our list is that of berry lips that many designers gave preference to. We especially love the version we saw at Zimmermann, which came perfectly balanced with the rest of the nude face.


This was the list of the best beauty styles for fall 2014 that you can confidently go for to look dazzling and chic on the upcoming special occasion scheduled! Which is your favorite trend?