5 Reasons Why You Should Read Fiction


There are at least a million and one reasons why everyone should develop a reading habit. Reading books area a good way to gain knowledge and insight about life in general. However, there might be a few more benefits for reading if the books are fiction. There are many people who think reading fiction is a waste of time and that you don’t gain much from reading random make-believe stories about people and things that may not exist. The next time you hear someone make a point like this, here are a few things you should explain to them:


Reading fiction books considerably improve your creativity. Your creativity is generally limited by your imagination and the best way to enhance your imagination is to feed your brain with new ideas, stories and perspectives. When you read a book of fiction that creates scenarios which are different from what you’re generally used to, it exposes you to a new way of life. This helps you to think outside the box.



The best way to improve your vocabulary is to read books of fiction. This is because the writers strive to find new ways to describe the events and emotions they include in their stories. The style of writing for a fiction author is also different from their non-fiction colleagues. As a writer of fiction, you are trying to convey emotions and tell a story in such a way that the reader would be hooked. The best way to do this is to write with vocabulary that does this job for you. As a reader, seeing these words register them in your memory.


The more books you read, the more you empathise with certain characters in the stories. This is because based on the background given to you by the author of the book, you understand a little more about why they do what they do or say what they say. This overall makes it easier for you to sympathise and relate to people in your own life. Since you understand why a character in a book did what they did, you’re less likely to judge others even if they haven’t told you the reason they did something or the other.



Books of fiction usually have a central character that jumps through all kinds of hoops to “save the day”. Reading these stories and putting yourself in the minds of some of these characters sometimes helps you find yourself and find the courage to jump through the hoops in your own life.


Fiction books are fantastic companions. They keep you company for as long as it takes to complete them. This is why it is easy to read a book for hours on end and not realise that much time has passed. Whenever you feel some loneliness, a book is the best way to solve that problem.

Works of fiction are an amazing way to live a life you probably will never live or visit a place you probably never will visit. They carry you to a place almost nothing else can take you. If you haven’t tried reading yet, it’s never too late to pick up the habit. Visit TheWorks, pick up any book of fiction, and immerse yourself in another world. You can also take advantage of their 6 for £10 Fiction Books deal which gives you a fantastic price on books that can help start your reading habit.