5 Fun Summer Fashion Tips for Expectant Mothers

After the first trimester, the body really begins to expand and change a lot as it makes room for the growing baby inside of you. While in the first few months of your pregnancy you may have been able to put on a pair of jeans and a large t-shirt, you’ll find that zipping your pants and getting your shirt over your growing belly are a lot more complex. You’ve outgrown most of the clothing in your wardrobe and to top it all off, the warmer weather has got you sweating in places you never knew you had… Read this post here.

Well fear not ladies, there are plenty of neat affordable fashion finds that can allow you to look your best while remaining comfortable during your pregnancy (not to mention you’ve only got about 6 months left to go). Check out these pointers listed below:

  1. A- Line or Empire-Waist Summer Dresses

The great thing about the summer time is you don’t have to worry about fitting into pants or dressing in a bunch of layers to stay warm. You can show some skin and dress cool during your pregnancy. Many women (pregnant or not) who have a “tummy” like the way A-line or empire-waist dresses and shirts compliment their bodies. Why? Well, because it flows gently over the tummy. Since the seams are underneath the bust area, there’s plenty of extra material to cover your growing belly. Which means you could purchase several A-line dresses and wear them throughout the rest of your pregnancy (and even after as you shed that baby weight).

  1. Feminine Patterns and Flowing Shirts

This season is all about bold and daring patterns and there’s certainly no discrimination in the world of maternity fashion. Wearing loose fitting shirts with playful feminine patterns is a great way to stay in style while also remaining comfortable. Choose vibrant colors and cool patterns that add to your personality.

  1. Exercise Clothing

On days where you’re not doing much but lounging around there’s no need to be all dressed up. However, you can still look coordinated and “up to date” with your fashion choices by investing in a few articles of exercise clothing. Yoga pants are a hot commodity and are made of stretchy materials to fit your legs and belly comfortably. Pair them with a nice colored t-shirt and a pair of comfy sneakers and you’re ready for a trip to the doctors, grocery store, or even the mall with some friends.

  1. Comfy Flats

I’m sure we all wish we could be Kim Kardashian and walk around pregnant and in heels, but let’s be honest, heels are not for everyone all the time. During your second and third trimester your feet tend to swell up a bit, your ankles need extra support, and wearing heels may not be great for your back either. So it’s a good idea for you to invest in a few comfy flats. Since it’s the summer time, you can try out flirty gladiator style sandals or go for a basic flat with a nice accent piece on it. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors so you don’t have to feel “frumpy” while you’re pregnant.

  1. Upgrade the Undergarments

Your Victoria Secret lace bra and panty set are simply not going to cut it after the first trimester. You’re probably going to need to invest in a few things to support your growing belly and breasts. Two things most pregnant women live for are support bras and a belly band. There are bras designed exclusively for expectant mothers. These bras are designed with extra padding around the cup and shoulder area to provide the daily support you need during your pregnancy. Belly bands on the other hand are essentially “bands” made of elastic type materials. The band is designed to fit around the belly to provide extra support as the growing baby applies pressure. Preggers.com, makers of pregnancy support products, has great info on the places your body will grow (which are often the areas that require more support).

So there you have it, plenty of ways to invest in your pregnancy wardrobe this summer. Flowing summer dresses, feminine patterns, exercise clothing, comfy flats, and some upgraded undergarments are all you need to look fashionable this season. Of course, what’s an outfit without some accessories? So have fun adding your own little twists to these ideas with a few pieces of jewelry, belts (loose fitting), hats, and purses to finish off your look.