4 Summer Fashion Tips You Need to Know

With the summer months finally upon us, it’s time to rethink both the form and function of the clothes you wear. Here are four essential tips for settling on your summer fashion choices.

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Buy Larger Shoes Than Normal

You might have come across the idea in the past that our feet change size slightly as the day goes on. What fewer people are aware of is the fact that their feet also swell during the summer months. This is why it’s important that, whenever you are shopping for shoes to wear during the summer, you take this into account

This means that you should buy shoes that are either a half-size or a full size bigger than you would normally buy. If your shoes are made from a fabric that stretches easily, such as leather, canvas, or suede, going up half a size should be fine. However, most shoes use a more inexpensive material such as faux leather, plastic, or a similar man-made material, so going up a full size is better.

Pay Attention to Fabrics

All of us love finding a fashion bargain, but a good deal of the merchandise that you find on the high-street will be made from cheaper, synthetic materials, in particular, poly-blends. These materials simply aren’t breathable, an essential property to look for when the heat turns up. These materials are more liable to cling on to sweat stains, meaning they will show up more clearly, something you definitely want to avoid.

Try instead to find clothes that are made from materials like cotton. Pima, or Supima, are the best choices, but any type of cotton is a good choice. These materials, with hollow fibers in the center, will be able to absorb and release perspiration much more efficiently.

Reinvent Your Clothes

Many women have discovered that it’s possible to both save money and achieve a totally unique look by customizing their clothes. If you’ve never tried any customizing or accessorizing yourself, you could always approach a local tailor and ask them what they can do to transform your existing wardrobe. Tailors can completely transform your clothes for relatively little money. If you are on the fence about whether to buy an item or not, ask yourself if you might be able to customize it later.

If you spend even a little time looking around online for advice on customizing your clothes, you will quickly find that the advice pertaining to how to achieve this is never-ending. For example, in an interview with Artful Living Magazine, professional stylist Molly Dickson offered a range of advice on how to enhance your summer look.

Store Makeup Properly

The modern woman is inundated with tips on how to prevent the makeup on their face from melting, but surprisingly, little consideration is given to the makeup that many of us carry around with us. A simple trick to ensure that your makeup doesn’t melt in your bag is to freeze a zip-loc bag overnight, then put your makeup in it the next day.

Looking great and straying fashionable doesn’t always come easy, or cheap. Now that summer is rolling around, many of us are starting to think more carefully about our fashion choices. By embracing the concept of DIY accessorizing, you can transform and enhance your summer clothes with ease.